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Masturbatory edging?

Masturbatory edging?

What is your opinion on masturbatory edging as an exercise for growth? I know from personal experience that in some marathon sessions where I did not cum until the end, my penis would swell up like after a jelqing session. The glans was not as puffed up as in a jelqing session, but the shaft was evenly swollen. I think the advantage of this would be the involvement of DHT, testosterone, and other things being pumped into the penis from holding back ejaculation. In theory this would expand the penis and its tissues at the same time involving the body’s natural elements for growth, such as in puberty and what not. I’m interested in seeing what you guys think.

Dr. Lin? If it works for you then continue regardless of what anyone else says. If it doesn’t then do something else. There is only one rule in PE. GAIN or try something else.

The problem with this method I imagine is you can only hold it in the anticipatory state for so long, which is the state you need for growth. Growth wise I’m sure there are better methods. But for control and stamina - and therefore sexual pleasure - I’m sure it must work very well.


No, I’m not Dr. Lin… or am I???? No, I’m really not him. I’m just a guy wondering what the experts think. About the stamina point, my erection would go up and down throughout the session, the main thing was that I basically would stay semi aroused while I stroked and continue to hold back ejaculations when I got fully aroused and wanted to cum. When the swelling happened I was not edging on purpose, I just did not want to stop.

P.S.: Hey Obi, if you are not Dr. Lin or whatever could you specifically detail how to do the ballooning method. From what I read there before I could not understand it entirely. Thanks.

Also, I don’t know if I gained from edging, I was asking you guys if it could or would work for growth.

Yeah, its pretty simple. Ballooning is a process of actually pumping up your penis with blood, but without using your hands or any external pressure.

To do it right, you have to be almost fully aroused. You have to play around a little bit to find the right sensation. It feels like a pressure buildup right beneath your scrotum, and the penis gets really hard and really erect (straight to the ceiling). Its kind of like a mix between flexing your lower abs and trying to take a shit. For the love of God, make sure you do so before attempting this. That’s about it. Dr. Lin says to try and maintain this state for up to 30 minutes, but frankly, I can’t do it for much more than one, its too exhausting. But ballooning and then jelqing constitutes almost my entire workout now, because it gave me my first gains. If you still have any questions, PM me.

So long as you cum in the end, no problem.

But there is a very credible theory that says that men who repeatedly edge but do not ejaculate for long periods of time put uncommon stress on their prostate gland, a body part that has a specific job. When it can’t do its job, it can flare up on you, and not pleasantly.



LOL….I wasn’t calling you Dr. Lin…….Thats the guy who’s method I thought you were talking about. I assumed you were one of his believers.

I’ll be nice MODS.

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