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ED and Sexual Thoughts

ED and Sexual Thoughts

This is for guys with the type of ED (due to PE) which reduces sexual sensation in their penises.

Do you guys find that your sexual thoughts are less than how you used to be?

My thoughts are much much much less. I used to be addicted to sex. Now I could go forever without it, but I guess it’s not healthy for my penis, so I take supplements/drugs in an attempt to fix myself, that mildly makes me want to have sex.

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I think that there are a lot of reasons that our libidos aren’t constant. If I’ve got a lot of distractions or stress going on, ( job, finances etc) my sex drive is in the can. When things are pretty smooth, libido increases.

PP, are you under a lot of stress right now? Had a medical check-up lately?

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No, no stress. Just no libido.

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