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Double Your Pleasure?

Double Your Pleasure?

The (rounded-off) results of our orgasmic contraction poll are as follows, at least as of today:

Orgasmic Contractions % of Respondents

1 – 3 104 – 7 528 – 12 2513 – 16 817 – 20 2More than 20 3

The reason I am interested in this is that I have a sense that we are not necessarily locked, genetically, into a set orgasmic contraction pattern.

Contractions occur every 0.8 seconds. This we know. A man who has 7 contractions therefore has a peak orgasm period lasting about 6 seconds with pleasurable sensations occurring both prior to the contractions beginning (with the feeling of ejaculation inevitability), and a bit after contractions cease.

A man who has 20 orgasmic contractions experiences 16 seconds of orgasmic high. “Waiter, I want to order what he’s having.”

Before I started PE a couple years ago, I was in the 4 – 7 contraction range like most of you appear to be. Now I am in the 16- 20 contraction range. Orgasms last longer than they used to and they are also generally more intense than they used to be.

I know only a little about the “Why” of the contraction increase that I experienced, but I hope that together we can better understand the mechanism here so we might all increase the durations of our ejaculations and perhaps make our orgasms more intense than we are currently experiencing them. And let’s try to keep this discussion separate from being “multi-orgasmic;” let’s instead figure out what elements can make one orgasm last longer.

The change for me has something to do with Kegel exercises and the strength of my PC muscle. I’ve been doing Kegels for years. They have become second nature to me; I’ve found I do them unconsciously sometimes.

Another factor in my own contraction rate seems to be ejaculate volume. The more fluid there is to ejaculate, the more contractions that occur, at least for me. My volume has always been pretty high. This is possibly a genetic factor. Average is 2 - 6 ml and I am now 7 – 9 ml. (9ml confirmed by a hospital lab recently in a seminal fluid test, completely unrelated to what we are talking about here.) I believe I added the additional 2 ml or so after taking L-arginine and Maca regularly, and by always staying well-hydrated.

But, some guys shoot in a couple of heavy spurts (most of their total volume leaving the urethra rather quickly) whereas others of us tend to ejaculate less with each shot, however over a longer period of time.

What I am suggesting in this thread is that we put our heads together and try to come up with some good theory so that we all might perhaps “double our pleasure.” Or maybe even do more than that.



Avocet8, I think that is awesome that you experience 16 - 20 contractions. I was wondering if you shoot semen during the last few contractions. On my best orgasms I will shoot 8 - 9 long shots then maybe have a few more contractions where nothing comes out. Are you counting these contractions in your 16 - 20?

One thing that I have found. I read an article on the net somewhere about a continuous male orgasm. It was a great article with a ton of information. One thing I picked up is to relax when you feel an orgasm coming on. Eventually you will be able to separate the stages of orgasm and be able to relax and not shoot when the seminal vesicles are emptying themselves. The article goes into some other things about continuously having the seminal vessicles doing there thing and having a continuous orgasm. I haven’t achieved that but one thing I have done a few times is edge myself and relax and I have separated seminal emissions from orgasm. I edged myself a few times and had an interesting orgasm. It seemed like I had a very long orgasm, the first few shots were a mix of prostate and seminal fluids, but towards the end it was only seminal vesicle fluid and I could tell a difference. It was high up on the number of contractions.

Recently I edged but when I finally came, after I shot my load, I was continuing to have “orgasmic” contractions. I would consciously squeeze my pc muscles and it felt like 80-90% like orgasmic contractions with no semen. I must have done about 30 of those. It was wierd, I wouldn’t consider them part of the orgasm, because I was in conscious control of them but they felt really good. I think I may be on to something. The key is to edge for as long as possible, I think I got up to like 20 minutes on the edge.

Originally posted by anon1122
Avocet8, I think that is awesome that you experience 16 - 20 contractions. I was wondering if you shoot semen during the last few contractions. On my best orgasms I will shoot 8 - 9 long shots then maybe have a few more contractions where nothing comes out. Are you counting these contractions in your 16 - 20?

I count any contraction, whether or not it produces more fluid. Makes no difference to me if they do if they feel good, and they do. For sure there is a lot more fuid in the beginning half than in the last half; and at the very end it’s a matter of oozing. (And, I don’t count every time; seldom do. If you do, you just lose part of your concentration on your orgasm.)

Hey, when I started getting more contractions, I thought it was awesome, too. It is.

That’s why I started this thread. Why can’t anybody do this?, I’m wondering. Maybe they can, maybe they can’t. But let’s try to find out.

You are correct, I think, in your differentiation of seminal vesicle fluid from prostatic fluid. The portion from the prostate is watery and usually opaque or gray. It’s the vesicles which add the “clotting” factor; thicker. Interesting to me that these organs get so little attention and that prostates get so much attention. It’s the vesicles producing most of the fluid ejaculated.



Yeah, I have often wondered why the prostate gets so much press. I think it’s because no one knows about the vesicles. I agree, the prostate fluid is more gray than the seminal vesicle fluid, which I think can be more yellow.

avocet8, I just read in a book about extended sexual orgasms that edging along with prostate stimulation is the key. The book was showing that the average orgasm is around 8 contractions, but with eding combined with prostate stimulation the average is around 16. The book had a lot of good info, and was called E.S.O something or other. You might want to check it out.

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