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Condum anxiety....


I didnt realize 5, 5’ EG is MAGNUM SIZE….Just got a new goal!

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

Originally posted by avocet8

Part of condom problem is the break from lovemaking that's required while you get one on.

We guys are absolutely phobic about losing our erections, even partially. Insertion, after all, is our crowning moment.

One thing that can help is having the condom real handy so you don't have to grope around in the dark for one. Put one in an easily reachable place, with the foil already torn partially so you don't end up having to chew on the goddamned package in a panic (as you wilt).

If you put a little lube on your glans before putting the condom on, this increases sensitively by a great margin.

Condom size is a critical factor, as is the type you use. Experiment with many until you find the one you like best.

Avocet, you really hit it, it’s not that the condom causes me to lose the erection, but the break, then the phobia really does it in…I will spend the weekend masterbating, I mean experimineting with various condoms.

Originally posted by WatchOut
I didnt realize 5, 5' EG is MAGNUM SIZE….Just got a new goal!

with just 4.25 length I’d feel somewhat wrong buying a magnum.


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