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Bug bite like bump on shaft

Bug bite like bump on shaft

I just noticed that I have this sort of mosquito bite like bump on my front shaft. It doesn’t itch or hurt and isn’t causing any problems, but I don’t really like it. It is not an STD or anything like that and I had to have just gotten it because it wasn’t there before. Please help.

What kind of help would you like?


You haven’t given us much to go on. You will need to tell us what exercises you have been doing. Any equipment you are using, lubricants or other chemical types you may have applied, ie. the same sort of questions a doctor asks when you go to see H/H
More importantly What were you doing PE’wise just before it happened.

“Front shaft”? Near the base or head? On the dorsal side?

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Alright here it is. I do manual stretches and dry and wet jelqs(dry if I don’t have time). I usually use Vaseline or baby oil for lube. By front shaft I mean on the middle base. I don’t know if this is PE related or not, but I actually noticed it on an OFF day, but it wasn’t their before I started PE.

seyz, I got the same thing when I started PE, and I was also using vaseline for wet jelqs. I kept trying to pop mine and it didn’t really work and now I have a dark spot there that’s probably permanent. I’m cool with it because it makes my dick look mean, but if you don’t want a permanent spot, my advice is just don’t pick at it. You could keep PEing, or if you’re really worried about it I guess you could stop for a while, but I think it’s just a blister or something that will eventually go away by itself.

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It seems to be like something I had a couple of months ago. it was just a hard painless spot. Can you try stretching the skin slightly and see if it is in a vein. You might find the vein is ‘squigly’ there. If so it is probably a very slight thrombosed spot..

I found it wouldn’t go away until I tried a pump made out of a plastic sealant container.

It only took one session with a light vacuum, and the spot simply disappeared.

The device was described a while ago on a forum, but I can’t remember who was the author. So with acknowlegments and thanks to him:

You have to clean out the cylinder after getting rid of the gunge inside, and taking out the washer used to push the stuff out of the end, then get some plastic tubing and push it in the nozzle and all you do is to suck out the air with your mouth. You may find you have to put some cushioning on the end to prevent it cutting into your skin.

Use plenty of lubricant, with wter or saliva, and not very much vacuum, for about five minutes and see if it disappears.

Obviously you may have to experiment with the vaccum and time. But don’t get carried away. You will be doing this for business not pleasure. - This time anyway.

Hope that helps and succeeds. Other than that, no-one seems to be able to offer any other advice so it looks as if it’s the only suggestion except to give up doing things until it disappears.

You can, of course buy a pump and tube, but this is a makeshift device that might do the job for you providing you are not too thick to get your dick inside it!

Using ordinary vaseline seems to be a bit too sticky for hard jelqing. So it might be worth trying the refined or white vaseline which is ‘lighter’ in texture and has the advantage of being washed off easily with soap (I use liquid soap).

And be careful of the pressure applied in future.

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