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BIG Letdown! :(


I don’t think you would have hurt her feelings, she’s in for the money anyway. So why not be the best at what she does, and kegeling would help her tremendously. We call a tight pussy “snapa” where I’m from and every man wants to experiance a snapa at least once in there lives. I see big bucks.


Re: May as well top it off by over analyzing it ;)

Originally posted by Mushroom

I agree that not being able to cum wouldn’t be so bad as long as you were experiencing mild to moderate pleasurable sensations for the duration. My problem was that I was getting next to no pleasure at all. After about half an hour of inadequate stimulation, I felt like calling it a day, and my dick concurred. I think he must have thought he was called to a false alarm, or something, and decided I didn’t require his full attention anymore. I know some guys can pull off staying hard for a full hour, or even two, but I’m assuming they are feeling at least enough pleasure to keep the penis interested in sticking around.


I’ve pretty much decided to take an extended break. I took 6 weeks off 6 months ago, and it did me good. I guess I was just about due for another break anyway.


Yes, I think “detached” is exactly what I was—although not solely as a result of focusing too much on my dick. I am extremely logical, to the point of often being incapable of “suspending reality.” In order to fully enjoy yourself with an escort, you may have to temporarily convince yourself the she’s there because she “wants you” rather then for the money.


I have noticed it’s been taking me longer to get myself off too. I can usually manage it, but here is the strange part. Sometimes I can only get myself off “dry” using my thumb to rapidly stimulate that most sensitive area under the glands. If seems like lately I have to REALLY FOCUS intesely on thinking naughty thoughts in order to get myself off using a lube and a more insertion style of masturbation that more closely simulates intercourse. I guess this demonstrates the interplay between the physical and the psychological.

I see it like this:
Sexual Pleasure Level = some equation involving both Physical Stimulation and Psychological Arousal.

In order to orgasm the Sexual Pleasure Level must cross a certain minimum threshold. If your Physical Stimulation Level is less than optimal, you can compensative (to a degree) with above average Psychological Arousal, and vice versa.

In other words, you can get off in a loose pussy and/or with an insensitive dick if the chick is really turning you on, and you are really into it, or get off in a tight one even when not too horny.

Hmm, I guess I didn’t have much of a chance sticking an insensitive dick into a loose pussy in an emotionally detached manner. :homer: In fact, I suppose one could argue that, approaching sex from such an analytical perspective demonstrates this very tendency towards an emotionally detached though process. :) I guess it would be logical to hypothesize that artists, as a general rule, probably have more pleasurable sex than scientists.

Hey, how’d I get drug into this mess… :)


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