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BIG Letdown! :(


BIG Letdown! :(

I haven’t had sex since before I started PEing a little over a year ago. I haven’t been dating or anything, but that’s and entire topic unto itself that I don’t wish to discus at the moment. Anyway, the fact is that I’ve make pretty decent gains (6.25 -> 7.75ELBP 5.0 -> 5.7EG) over that past year without actually ever giving my new dick a real world test. So today I decided, enough is enough, I have to test this thing out now!

I wanted to try it out on a girl, and fast, so I decided to call an escort. I’ve never hired one before, but figured what the hell, why not? It beats picking up a drunk chick in a bar for a one night stand—especially when you hate bars the way I do.

After such an extended period of abstinence, my main concern was that I might get overexcited, cum too soon, and not get my money’s worth. What I laugh! Looking back, I think I would have preferred that to what actually happened.

Well, at least she thought my dick was big. I brought along a Magnum condom in case she only had standard ones on hand, because I didn’t want to ruin the experience by having my circulation cut off from an overly tight condom. As she was reaching for a condom, I mentioned I’d brought my own because I wanted one that fit right, but she was one step ahead of me. She said, “Oh, you mean like this (Showing me a Magnum)? I can’t imagine trying to put a regular one on that!” “I said, it’s not that big, is it?” She said “Well, it sure isn’t small!”

Unfortunately, things went downhill from there  I got hard right away, so no ED, and after a few minutes it became quite clear that I wasn’t going to have any problem with premature ejaculation. The problem was, I wasn’t feeling a hell of a lot of anything! Either this girl was just way too loose, or I’ve desensitized my dick a little too much by accustoming it to long PE sessions without Cumming. I think it was probably a combination of both.

I am guessing she was a bit loose and deep. At 7.75 ELBP (not overweight with big fat pad either) I didn’t feel the slightest hint of bottoming out in any position. It must be at least partially due to desensitization though. She said I was one of her bigger clients, which means that most of her other clients had an even looser fit, and (I assume) she managed to get them off.

This girl was fairly young (23) and actually had a pretty nice body (5’ 6” 125 pounds) with her weight well proportioned into the right places, so we are not talking fatty here. I though her body was nice. I wouldn’t have expected a loose pussy from looking at her.

At this point, I am thinking that I could take one of two divergent paths. 1) Let my dick rest from PE for a month or two to regain some of its sensitivity. 2) Kick it into C:\Program Files\YEmote4\41overdrive and try to make my dick so damn big I’ll never have that problem again no matter how loose a girl is.

The main reason I feel so bad about the whole situation is that this girl REALLY wanted to satisfy me. She tried everything she could to try to get me to cum to no avail, and I could tell she felt bad—like she just wasn’t sexy enough for me. We went over an hour until I finally said, “It’s just not going to happen. Don’t worry about it, it’s my problem. You did all you could.”

The whole situation was pretty awkward. She was kind of embarrassed that “she didn’t do anything for me,” and I felt bad about making her feel bad. Escorts have feelings too, I guess, and sometimes they really have to work hard for the money.

Oh, one more thing. I didn’t really feel as “into it” as I thought I would. I’m not entirely sure if the low degree of stimulation was responsible for me losing interest part way through, or if fucking a complete stranger you have no emotional bond to is not all it’s cracked up to be. I suppose the lack of an emotional connection could have kept me from translating the little stimulation I did get into pleasure.

God I wished I had your problem LOL… Some of what you are dealing with is mental no doubt… I went through Escorts while in the Military and usually lasted about 10 -15 seconds after I put it in! I would bet if you called her again and used her services again you would indeed cum… By chance would she consider anal?

I have trouble cummng if i have more than 4 drinks. Is that a factor. I would vote for giving yourself a 4 week pe rest, then getting back after it, sounds like you deserve the rest. If you don’t want to rest that long, I will say that as little as 4 days layoff results in me cumming much quicker.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

i think you were probably so consumed by how your new unit was going to stand up that you forgot you were having sex with another person, pretty simple, you were emotionally detached.


Can you masturbate and have an orgasm as before PE?

If the answer is yes, then you might consider the combination of sex with a loose stranger (which let down your expectation of filling her up) and also the desensitizing nature of a condom. If the answer is no, I would certainly give the unit a rest so that your nerves can recover a bit.

I have never lived this long before. - Dash


It’s sound like a head problem, maybe you just ain’t cut out to be with hookers. I have never been with a hooker and I sometimes wonder if I would have problems. I tend to be a thinker in bed and sometimes that’s bad, I think it’s better to be just a dumb ass in the sack and just try to get into the feeling and not to think to much.


May as well top it off by over analyzing it ;)


I agree that not being able to cum wouldn’t be so bad as long as you were experiencing mild to moderate pleasurable sensations for the duration. My problem was that I was getting next to no pleasure at all. After about half an hour of inadequate stimulation, I felt like calling it a day, and my dick concurred. I think he must have thought he was called to a false alarm, or something, and decided I didn’t require his full attention anymore. I know some guys can pull off staying hard for a full hour, or even two, but I’m assuming they are feeling at least enough pleasure to keep the penis interested in sticking around.


I’ve pretty much decided to take an extended break. I took 6 weeks off 6 months ago, and it did me good. I guess I was just about due for another break anyway.


Yes, I think “detached” is exactly what I was—although not solely as a result of focusing too much on my dick. I am extremely logical, to the point of often being incapable of “suspending reality.” In order to fully enjoy yourself with an escort, you may have to temporarily convince yourself the she’s there because she “wants you” rather then for the money.


I have noticed it’s been taking me longer to get myself off too. I can usually manage it, but here is the strange part. Sometimes I can only get myself off “dry” using my thumb to rapidly stimulate that most sensitive area under the glands. If seems like lately I have to REALLY FOCUS intesely on thinking naughty thoughts in order to get myself off using a lube and a more insertion style of masturbation that more closely simulates intercourse. I guess this demonstrates the interplay between the physical and the psychological.

I see it like this:
Sexual Pleasure Level = some equation involving both Physical Stimulation and Psychological Arousal.

In order to orgasm the Sexual Pleasure Level must cross a certain minimum threshold. If your Physical Stimulation Level is less than optimal, you can compensative (to a degree) with above average Psychological Arousal, and vice versa.

In other words, you can get off in a loose pussy and/or with an insensitive dick if the chick is really turning you on, and you are really into it, or get off in a tight one even when not too horny.

Hmm, I guess I didn’t have much of a chance sticking an insensitive dick into a loose pussy in an emotionally detached manner. :homer: In fact, I suppose one could argue that, approaching sex from such an analytical perspective demonstrates this very tendency towards an emotionally detached though process. :) I guess it would be logical to hypothesize that artists, as a general rule, probably have more pleasurable sex than scientists.

Hey Dino,

I just missed your post ‘cause I was still typing when you posted.

You make a good point. In fact, I think you basically presented one of the same points I was still typing when you posted—only much more succinctly. Too bad I missed your post. I could have saved myself some work :)

You probably couldn’t feel much because of the condom, maybe? Obviously, you gotta wear one, but that could be it. I hate condoms- they cancel out like 80% of the feeling.

Becoming.... Godsize

Did you get your money back? But seriously, you may have a unique oppurtunity here. You can teach her all about the joys of kegeling and have her work out on your dick or see how she has progressed on you for free of course. And the kicker is you can try out all the new”escorts” to see how good their technique is, if they get you off then you’ll give your stamp of approval and get a percentage of the money they make. What’s gonna be your pimp name?


Mushroom, I think your problem quite common among PE’ers. Should you get frustrated enough there is a drug, available only for the past year, that will abet your cumming……CABERGOLINE sold in the usa by prescription under the name DOSTINEX; europe by the name CABASER; other places by the name CABERSIL. It is patented by Pharmacia-Upjohn and thus very expensive in the usa if taken for lowering prolactin a brain (pituitary) harmone. However, if you know a physician well perhaps he will prescribe CABERGOLINE for parkinsons for which it is sold for great deal cheaper. It is exactly the same as DOSTINEX. Do a search on Google with the names i mention and do your own research as i’m sure your physician has/will not.


Well you already know what I think but for the sake of others I will say.
She could have tried (whats it called? ) milking you with her vaginal muscles. (the powers of kegel excercises) ;)

I think if it was someone you knew or really liked I dont think you would have a problem.

Walks up to you in my little nightie, gives you a big hug, kisses your neck and whispers. Yup I think its gonna be ok. :kisskiss:


She was a nice enough girl. She had nice soft, smooth skin and a very nice ass. She might have been fun to cuddling up and taking a nap with. Anyway, I really didn’t want to hurt her feelings.


Does that stuff make you more sensitive, so you can cum from the increased sensation, for just make you cum with less sensation. I think it would only be useful if it was the former.


Hmm, any idea how we could test this theory of yours? :bigwink:

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism

because it is the merger of state and corporate power."

-Benito Mussolini


OH I have lots of ideas and test that could be tried. ;)

A clash of universes.

Imagine, if you will, in some Bizzarro alternate realm where a man tucked himself away for a year to improve the physics of his sex, only to have sex in an environment devoid of feeling.

Remove tenderness, compassion, and intimacy…and you remove the only real reason for cumming.

Not sensitive you say?


You are more noble than you thought.


(ps. Put a little water in the condom tip next time)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

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