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best sexual techniques?


best sexual techniques?

Do we have a thread with good techniques, especially for guys with average (around 5-6 length, 4.5-5.5 girth or so) or less penises?

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I don’t know if there is a thread on this topic per se. But there is loads of such information here. Clearly, tips for good sex get talked about a lot here. I’d do a bunch of searches with a variety of search terms “good sex” or “positions” or whatever. You’ll find more than you could want.


Tons of stuff here, sir. I would look in KKF and MSHF’s for most of the stuff here, maybe even NCE possibly too. Key words like “Tantra”, Kama sutra, etc…. might lead a hit to a semi-related thread.

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KKF? Don’t you mean LLF? Or is there a forum I’m not familar with?

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So much for typing without looking. Damn K next to the L! Conspiracy, I tell you.;)

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Originally Posted by twatteaser
So much for typing without looking. Damn K next to the L! Conspiracy, I tell you.;)

Yea, but the greater conspiracy is the X next to the Z!

Technigues are very good to know but it is very tough to outperform the effects that alcohol can produce. So, I guess that alcohol is the lazy man’s way to pussy. Caution, tho, drink light yourself or you may end up with someone that isn’t even of the opposite sex, not that there is anything wrong with that.

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I might as well spill the beans. Im too nervous to go after women these days, and it is directly related to my penis size. Obviously waiting a year or three until i have my “ideal” size is pure buffoonery. So i need all the help i can get.

Begin with a slow teasing tantalizing massage. Key is to tease and make it slow. Spend a lot of time lightly stroking her eyebrows, cheeks, and lips. Start with light strokes over her temples and ears and move to her head, stroking a little harder. Massage her scalp with a combination of rubbing and scratching. Move to her ears again and then on to her neck. Slide your hands from her neck up to her ears and back several times. Now it’s on to the shouders. Again start light. build to firm and then back to light several time before you move to her back. Rub her upper back firmly, lightly, firmly moving your hands in circles as you move to her lower back. Again use the light, firm, very firm touch in this area. With your light strokes try softly touching the crack of her ass. Her response will tell you how far to go in this matter. Move to the side of her hips and reach underneath, rubbing firmly. Now move to the outside of her thighs using firm strokes. Staying firm, move on to her calves and feet. Now it’s time to work your way back up. Only this time, use a lighter stroke and move up the inside of her thighs. Go slowly but make sure you give her pussy a slight touch as you move to her lower back, be sure to lick her right above her butt crack. Continue kissing and lightly rubbing her all the way to her neck and around to her ear. When you reach her ear whisper her name. Now turn her over and again rub her temples, cheeks and lips. Slide down to her ears and on to her outer shoulders. Rub them firmly. Rub her arms all the way down to her fingers. Be sure to kiss her hands, both of them. Move back up to her shoulders with a light touch and then proceed to her tits. Rub them very lightly but purposely avoid her nipples. Rub her belly and lean over and kiss her belly button. Rub lightly down to her mound and then move your hands to the outside and proceed down her thighs and on to her feet. Rub and kiss, better yet suck each toe. Spend a lot of time on her ankles. Now move your hands up the inside of her legs and have them meet, briefly, between her legs. She’s really wet now, but avoid the temptation and move on back up to her tits. Firmly rub her tits in a circular motion. Then lightly work your hands toward her nipples. Lean down and lick each one. Continue licking her all the way up to her neck and ears. Whisper her name again and then give her a long wet kiss. Now kiss your way back down toward her “promise land”. Once there, pay close attention to her outer lips and the crease in each leg. Now lick her inner lips and place your tongue as deep as possible into her pussy, but not for long. Move your tongue up to her clit and use your tongue to write the ABC’s on and around her clit. Be sure and say each letter out loud as you lick them. Once you reach “Z”, write your name with your tongue as you call out each letter. At this point dick size is irrelevant!

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Is buffoonery a word??? Heh heh heh


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Originally Posted by Vincent Van Cock
These are my two favorite technique styles. Sorry for the shameless plug but the first one is mine! heh heh heh

Give Her the Big O

and this one is awesome as well,…&threadid=70892

Hope this helps,


I was looking for that thread the other day, time to add it to my favourites! :thumbs:

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How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

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