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Professional Pubic Hair Stylists


J Meister,
Way to go!

I give my wife a Brazilian and she gives me a crack,back and stomach. She also shapes the pubes. I asked her before if she wants to see me totally smooth down below, but she says that she wants to sleep with a man, not a 12 year old boy!! I’ve really got to get stuck into that hanging then!!!!!!
I think you forgot to mention one other benefit.
For the guys that tend to sweat a lot, it also helps keep you cooler.
I used to have a really sweaty butt in summer, but now with regular waxing, problem solved.

Just wanted to update this thread. I am still getting my back, neck, butt, crack, anus and pubic hair waxed on a regular basis, every 5 to 6 weeks. I’ve been twice since my last post. I had an appointment the day before I left for the Caribbean at the end of March. I went again last week. I had an interesting discussion with my stylist last week while I was getting groomed. Here’s how it went:

My stylist asked, “What was the address of that website that sells that shaver you use (the Seiko Cleancut Shaver)? I responded, ” .” He then said, “Now, don’t they sell cock rings on that site? I said, “No, they sell a couple of high-end toys, a vibrator for women and an anal stimulator for men and everything for pubic hair grooming—shavers, razors, wax, tweezers, scissors, you name it.” He then proceeded to tell me how good cock rings feel when you are totally groomed like I am. He said, “You ought to try them!” Little did he know that he was talking to “The Lord of the Rings” at Thunder’s Place! I then said, “I have some (cock rings), I’ve worn them.” He then mentioned how much he likes wearing cock rings and how he especially likes a multiple cock ring setup. From what he said, he must have purchased the Chrome Triple Rings cockring that I reviewed in this post:

The Wonderful World of Cock Rings, Part 14, Chrome Triple Rings

I then mentioned how I thought that the Chrome Triple Rings cockring was hard to put on. My stylist then said that you can do the same thing with separate rings. I then asked if he had ever worn a head ring:

The Wonderful World of Cock Rings, Part 15, Aluminum "Pleasure Rings"

He said that he’d never seen them (head rings). I said, “Well, they’re fairly new.” He then said something to the effect that such a ring would have to be quite small in diameter to stay on. I said, “Yes, they come in 1” and 1.25” diameter. You can get them at ______________ (local sex novelties store). He then said, “That’s where I get my cock rings. They have a nice selection there. I’ll have to stop by there and check them (the head rings) out.” He again reiterated how much he loves wearing cock rings and how good it feels to wear them all day long!

Needless to say, it seemed a little weird to be talking about sex/PE devices with someone face to face, in real life. However, this guy really doesn’t seem to have any inhibitions (you can’t have any to do what he does).

Anyway, last week I got what seems to be the best wax and body grooming since I started last winter. He was very thorough in waxing all my nether regions. After waxing, he used the straight edge razor with a toothed cover to thin out and trim down the hair on my chest and abdomen. Since he is a cosmetologist and knows hair, he really does a good job.

From going to a tanning salon, and a few days in the Caribbean, I now have a “Speedo-typo” tan line from wearing my aussieBum Classic 1.5” swim briefs ( . This tan line looks especially hot with my perfectly groomed pubes. With the grooming, the tan and a reasonably fit body, I look at least ten years younger! I feel like a middle-aged Supersizeit!! The waxing and grooming make a big difference in how you look in a swimsuit!

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

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Some additional reflections on conversations I had with my professional pubic hair stylist during my last visit:

My stylist said that I was the exception in that I do daily grooming with my Seiko Cleancut shaver to keep my shaft and scrotum silky smooth. He said that many guys come in for grooming with a total jungle down below. He said that he uses a straight edge razor (!) to shave their scrotums, etc. Having been trained in cometology/barbering, the straight edge razor is the only kind he can use with skill and accuracy in shaving someone else. He said that the only problem is that they don’t maintain it and the hair grows out in three weeks.

He also talked about his woes in training other men on his staff to do pubic hair grooming on men. My stylist has been perfecting the art for over twenty years, it’s hard to pass down confidence and skill with a straight edge razor. Apparently, if you let the apprentice do the waxing, it’s free. Nevertheless, for myself, I want the expert.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

Just wanted to update this thread. I’m still getting waxed every five to six weeks as described above. My last two visits, I’ve had my stylist wax around the remaining pubic hair on my lower pelvis to leave a specific shape; in my case, a shape that resembles the top half of a heart.

Here’s a website I stumbled onto the other day that has a lot of good information about waxing and Brazilian waxes. More importantly, for those interested, it has links to waxing salons and a listing of waxing salons in specific locations. This website has a focus on where men can get Brazilian waxes.

Now that I’ve gotten waxed for almost a year, I’m not sure I could go back to having a hairy back, butt and anus! I definitely like how it feels and looks.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."


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