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Penewbie, don’t you think it is time for a name change after almost 10 years? Lol

This thread is good.. keeping your eyebrows neat and tired works wonders and is a must, women seem to like good brows on a man.

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Originally Posted by Ich1
Penewbie, don’t you think it is time for a name change after almost 10 years? Lol

I’m still a newbie at heart !
Plus I never really actually did exercises more than a few weeks in a row due to injuries; one day I shall write it all.

Few months ago changed my level of self confidence and lifestyle as in /forum/showthread.php?t=143051

I did most of the things jellybelly outlines here although not necessarily in his order and works I have an unbelievable rate of success and et I am touching 60y/o I still go out with 22to 37 y/o chicks some of themreal drem babes.

Oil Pulling is something new to me that I have to try and may report back if I can get the lot together

How much of those oils are taken at once on a daily basis? Thanks

Long time no post,

I recently found this website and it’s pretty amazing. At first I thought it was typical bull Bro-science website trying to hype penis pills. However, upon further inspection it’s pretty legit. I spent a good 2 hours on there and learned a ton of stuff. Anyone trying to self improve will definitely get some good advice from this guy. And he’s also into penis enlargement! He has the balls of post many full body/face pics of himself before/after jelqing and bathmate. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a member on here.

Sex, money, and jellybeans

NEW POST: Stretchmarks

I just have a thing for bringing dead threads back to life. :)

I started getting minor stretchmarks near my armpit from lifting weights. They were these hideous red lines running from my shoulder to 1/3 ways down my bicep. My sweet, sweet mother told me to apply coco butter but that honestly didn’t do much. Come to find out people say coco butter helps PREVENT stretchmarks rather then fade them. I began looking for products that had some positive reviews. I first tried the popular Mederma with little satisfaction. Maybe a improve of 10% but that was me being hopeful. I always used atleast 1-2 tubes before deciding to switch to something else. Then I found out about a product called Bio Oil.

Bio oil: I can’t say I’m completely happy with this products but I do believe it helped reduce the appearance of stretchmarks by 30-40%.. Almost no one could really notice them but I could. I decided to spring for lasering when I had the opportunity free of cost. I had a friend who was a nurse in a private practice. Luckily for me, the doctor was looking into buying new laser resurfacing equipment. I became the test dummy for many different skin burning laser. I ended up trying 3 different lasers, only one seem to help. It’s called Fractional Erbium laser resurfacing. This specific laser didn’t hurt to bad and the recovery was within a week or so. Would I personally recommend you run out and get lasering? No. Especially at the price-tag of 200-500 a session. UNLESS, your stretchmarks are old and not pink. IF you have dull looking stretchmarks that aren’t “Fresh” I’m afraid your only option for real results are lasering.

If your stretchmarks are pink/red and light, you need to start preventing now! Apply Bio oil twice a day after the shower and even once right before your workout. If anyone had tried Bio Oil before let me know your results. Or if you’ve tried a superior products, please share.

Sex, money, and jellybeans

Awesome thread jellybean, kept me entertained for hours haha.. I’m actually going to try some of this stuff tho. I’d really like to see what a difference it makes with a proper face shaving cream and routine. Gets a bit expensive buying Mach 5 refills all the time, need to change things up..

So here my contribution, for what it’s worth..
You posted of the coco butter and the stretch marks. I don’t have any stretch marks but I do use coco butter as a moisturizing lotion. I suffer severely dry skin, worst in the winter time. Now, I mainly use this on my face as it can get very dry after shower or shave. I use Palmers brand cream you can get most places. I have used this for years now and it is really the only thing that will keep my face moisturized. I’ve tried about everything else in the past. Regular type creams just don’t work, many have alcohol in them and are irritating. I could put a regular lotion on and 10 minutes later my face would be almost ashen. So after I shave or anytime I need, a dab of Palmers does the trick. They also make a blemish stick for severe chapping. Kind of like a big Chap-stick.

Oil pulling for three weeks. Teeth are definitely pearly now. Still considering doing some teeth brightening trays or something, my lower set of chompers is a more yellowy shade.

Found a new place to get my haircuts. Got my eyebrows done as well ( first time on that ) total charge for both the hair and eyebrows was only $21. Eyebrows don’t look that much different, less fuzzy than before and give more definitive brow lines, all in all looks lot better. Learned a lot about hair, which was a nice bonus. Trying to have good looking hair usually means you need to let your hair grow into the shape and look you want.

My tips- Tidy up the wardrobe. Clip and clean under your finger nails.

Last tip is for when you are actually LOOKING at someone. If you haven’t realized by now, people have one dominant eye that most of their vision is directed to. Go into the mirror and find out which eye you use most. Now when you are talking to someone and you feel that urge to look away, DO NOT actually look away from them, just shift your gaze so your non dominant eye is still looking towards them.
Here is my example: I look out of my right eye. When I am talking to someone and I feel the urge to look away I look at their left ear or over their left shoulder into the space behind them. This means I simply moved my gaze to the right very slightly. This makes most people direct there attention to my left eye, which in turn keeps them focused on me. They feel comfortable still having eye contact and facial recoginition.
A majority of people find it uncomfortable to look directly at someone they are talking to for long periods of time ( this is completely normal ) however it is extremely distracting to be talking to someone who is constantly making direct eye contact and then looking off at something completely random or unrelated. By keeping one of your eyes still directed towards the person you are speaking with they will be engaged in you the entire time. WOMEN love this, I have noticed huge differences between glancing completely away ( usually they lose interest, get distracted themselves because they in turn look away, or sense I am nervous because I can’t maintain eye contact ) and keeping direct/indirect eye contact ( they never look away from my face, they know that you aren’t looking at them directly so they will look at your other features: smile, nose, admire your eyes more intently etc, plus think you are confident ) Give this a try!

New post,

I can’t believe at my age (early 20’s) Do I to worry about this. But if ruins in my family and I’m already starting to possibly see results of it. It’s one of the most self-esteem wrecking things a man can experience. What is it?

Male pattern baldness :(

I’ve always had super thick hair. To the point where I couldn’t style it the way I liked and constantly had to thin it out. However, in the last 3-6 months I’ve been pretty happy with my hairstyle. It was thin and easier to mold with wax. Until one day, a friend pointed out they could see my scalp. “Whatever” I thought, as it might have been styled weird that day. Then my girlfriend noticed it too. Then my roommate. I discovered that my hair now was very flimsy. You don’t know how depress I got when I found out male pattern baldness runs on the maternal side. Looking at all my uncles and grandpa, they were all bald on top.

I’m gonna fight this I said! I’m not gonna take the cowards way out and shave my head!!

Since “lightly” depressed, I’ve sent hours researching everything there is to know about hair loss in men. Here’s the information I’d like to share with you.


Biotin pills- makes your hair/skin/nails stronger. It’s a cheap supplement that has some great affects on a lot of people. Just be sure to drink lots of water as it can cause acne outbreaks. That was the biggest side effect of biotin, especially in higher dosage.

Fills pills- can provide hair growth due to omega 3 fatty acids. Many people will combine this with biotin pills.

Rogain (Minoxidil) - I’ve read this stuff either works for it or it doesn’t. And it if does work for you, the minute you stop taking it, you’re hair will go right back to normal. (Bald)

Propecia- FDA approve medication that stops/slows down DHT which attacks your hair follicles. For most this drug does work for preventing hair loss. But of course there are some terrifying side effects. Especially to the Penis enlargement world. It can cause permanent erectile dysfunction. Also may put your sex drive to sudden halt. It’s a gamble I will one day decide if I’m willing to take.

Bosley- hair transplant that is considered permanent. It’s extremely expensive and can require many treatments for desire results. Can cost anywhere from 6-10 thousand per treatment and may require 2-5 treatments.

Hairmax- laser comb that supposedly grow back hair. From user reviews, I’ve notice that many people reported back withe minimum growth, rather retainment of their existing hair. Cost anywhere between 250-600 for these laser wands.

Other things that might be beneficial

Hair thickening shampoo. One of the best user reviewed is the Paul Mitchell tea tree lemon sag thickening shampoo. Cost is pretty cheap on amazon.

Hair thickening lotion- Never used this before, but supposedly plumps up your hair prior to styling.

What’s my plan of action?

For my 20’s I will began taking biotin, fish oil pills, and possibly the hairmax comb. I gotta do more research on prevention with the hairmax laser comb, but most likely it shouldn’t cause any side effects. Also will be using thickening shampoo and hair lotion prior to styling.

For my 30’s+ I will try rogain and take into consideration of Propecia. Also if I’m not already bald, Bosley will definitely be a option.

Hopefully in 10-15 years from now there will be new advances in hair loss.

Wants some good news?

April 1, 2014…40401112113.htm

^ Hairless gene discovered.


^ Robotics hair transplant.

Hang in there guys! I’m fighting this battle right with you

Sex, money, and jellybeans

I’m not sure where I should ask this but does anyone know about or done the laser lipo? My wife and I are interested in but have not known anyone to have done it. I am also interested in laser hair removal. Any info would be great.

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Seriously, and I mean this,
Saying that mouthwashing with oil will cure any viral infection really REALLY *requires further research.*

other stuff? dunno. but not viruses.

I love my cock. I just want it to be the best cock it can be!

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Great post. I’m reading one page after each newbie jelking session

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This seems like a weird question, but I seem to be too stupid to apply hair gel correctly. I don’t want a look like my hair is completely wet, but when I apply an amount, like a tablespoon, and spread it over my palms and run it through my hair, the hair just doesn’t stay in place. It’s like the bottom half of my hair is dry, and all the gel is on top, which looks hideous.

And the more I apply, the more wet and flat my hair looks.


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