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Hair removal


I just plucked every hair off my shaft and balls…. I couldn’t afford the wax. so I took it upon myself to get rid of the hair.

So for the love of god do not pluck your ball hair. It hurt soo bad haha. I got half ways done and gave up for a couple hours then finished it off. It’s not the smartest way to get rid of your hair one by one.

But.. I can say my girl likes it very much, did you know girls can motor boat your balls? ;) They say hair doesn’t bother them, but When the hair/roots are gone, they love it.

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Originally Posted by alex553
Brian2034, doesn’t the shaving cream just wash off? I always shave after I shower- I make sure to make the water a little hotter right before I get out and splash some on my face. I also leave the shaving cream on my face for a minute or two to make the hair a little softer, it helps a little bit.

Yes the shaving cream does wash off, but you don’t stand directly under the shower while you shave!!

You get in the shower WASH yourself and your Hair then you stand back and lather up and shave, by the time you are ready to shave the hot water and steam has done its job and soften your skin for a friction free shave!!


I shave my balls almost every trick to a slippery shave is to use hair conditioner before you get wet.smear it all over your balls for a few minutes.then have at it with the razor.mmmmmmmmmmm nice and smooth.


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