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Easy Pubic hair removal


:D guess I’m just a sweaty guy. Shaving has a habit of missing minute hairs, try a wax aimed at short hair and tell me if you pool then.

You asked about tweasing and I skipped the answer. No its not permanent and yes there is a chance of ingrown hairs but the more times you tweaze (or wax or sugar) a hair the easier it gets and the longer you seem to be able to go without redoing. I hate shaving, seems to make any hair coarser whereas its the opposite effect with waxing. I now have silky soft pubic hair after several complete waxes :)


Thanks for the info. There are many options with laser treatment, do you remember anymore details?

The references palmathan was mentioning may be these:


and here


Thanks for the links to that article. I do wish articles like this would go into more detail though. I suppose thats the nature of this kind of site as opposed to a scientific study.


Happy to help.

Yes, you are right. I think they were just general pros and cons for guys to get a handle on what’s out there.

For me, it was educational in the respect I simply didn’t know there were that many ways to approach the problem (but I’m not a hairy guy to begin with - I just shave… carefully)

re epilight

I did respond last week but obviously made a mistake as my post never materialised.
I’ve got an epilight session on in the month so I’ll take pictures with my digital camera of my chest or tummy and maybe my testicles or around the base of the penis which I’m now also having done as well.
I looked at momentos link and I think that its hardly impartial evidence a laser clinic saying that epilight is not good etc,but theres probably some truth in it.
I know laser is so incredibly painfull and only one of the doctors questioned said laser was more permanent , which is not really what I’ve heard from many sources, I think their probably playing with words a little.
I’ve had 4 treatments so far on my chest and bottom, it’s working definitly.
I used to have a rug on my chest and now its thin with light hairs and about 40 - 50 % of hairs disapearing altogether I think I’ll have 2 more treatments and then I ‘ll have to stop because of the cost.

I think some there may be dissatisfaction generated because of the sheer cost of each treatment, however I still believe that I’ve made the right desicion as laser is never advertised as permanent, theres no better treatment then epilight technology wise at the moment I would say , but make up your own mind, and do a few searches on epilght etc .

I did have very coarse hair I really wish things where different but thats just my luck I suppose some people have bigger problems.

I didn’t even want to say this but I had patchy hair on my back ! H.O.B not nice !
I needed confidence so I had to go through with this as I like to look after my body and look and feel good.
It’s fading on my back and a lot thinnner but the coarseness caused by shaving has made it harder to remove . I’ll keep on at that area until its all gone.
and a extra note
If you pump you can buy seals from pump toys, rubber like inserts, I’m going to order one myself , maybe then you wouldn’t have to shave hair as much down there. I’m just generally tidying up that area with the treatment I’ll be having anyway.

regards Chris

thanks. good info :)

Re: Easy Pubic hair removal

Originally posted by fishhead
I use a brand called MAGIC, got it at wal-mart for $1.50.
Its a depilatory use for black men's beard, dissolves the hair. I leave on for about 10 minutes wash off, hair gone. Follow instructions closely - can burn skin.

Is there any problem in using it around the anus ?

And what is “sugaring” ? Does it work somewhat like that “hair no more” cream ? (Sorry couldnt find the right meaning on the dictionary)

Good Luck

You might be in for a viewing of Terrence and Phillip’s Asses Of Fire!! I wouldn’t go near any pubic areas with that stuff!! IT burns baby, it burns everywhere!!

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? for Etheros

You mentioned that you were having your chest done using the epilight procedure. Are they able to do the nipples and the area around the nipples? I know some procedures can’t be done on the nipples.

Also, how long does a session take to do your chest? Do they do the entire area in one session or do they just do a part of it each time?

Had To Comment on Magic!

Seeing BBS’s warning on using Magic in or around the pubic area made me realize that different people have different sensitivities and thus different experiences using Magic.

When I decided to clean up the pubic hair before I began pumping, I reviewed my options carefully. I use lots of toilet paper pieces or styptic pencil to stop the bleeding whenever I shave my face and neck with a blade. So, I didn’t look forward to shaving Willie and his two cousins. I don’t have the patience or the pain tolerance for plucking. And, waxing seemed like a decent idea for the base of my shaft (and perhaps the anus area), but not for my scrotum.

I saw Magic recommended on another forum message board, and I tried it. Got to tell you my experience was very positive! No pain or irritation at all. I may still try sugaring the shaft and anus, but I will definitely continue to use Magic on the ball sack and probably the penis shaft as well. Works for me!!



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Epilight Info

Found a website that had a pretty thorough explanation about Epilight, however, it seems pretty biased. The person who put the site together is a dermatologist who uses Epilight. I’m guessing it’s still relatively fact-based.

Thanks, great link. Answered most of my questions.

could someone please explain to me what is “sugaring ” ? and what is magic ?

See post #21 through #24 and post #1 of this thread respectively.

Sugaring and Magic

Hey Nitro! “Sugaring” is a form of “waxing” where the hair removal product is sugar-based and water-soluble. It cleans up easily with water, so it might be less of a hassle to work with than regular hot wax. I bought some and plan to try it soon.

“Magic” is a product called “Magic Shaving Powder”. It was designed for Black men to allow them to remove facial hair without using a razor. You add water to the powder to make a paste. Apply the paste to the hair you wish to remove. Wait 2-5 minutes, and then remove the paste. Some of us have been using it to remove pubic hair around the shaft and ball sack. I have been pleased with the result and have not had any pain or irritation, but some other folks have had a less pleasant experience. BTW, I am white just in case anyone wondered about it being used by men who are not black.

Hope that helps!



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!


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