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ZMA and lower testosterone?


ZMA and lower testosterone?

I have just started using ZMA for muscle building reasons and thought it could be useful for penis growth too since testosterone grows the penis during puberty and i am still in puberty.and for u that do not know, ZMA is sopposed to raise testosterone and give u more strength in the gym.But my questoin is this. i usually get woodies alot but since taking this i havent really been getting as many as i used to.At the same time as i started taking this i stopped masterbating to see if it really affects growth. So wut do u think is happening? Is this from the ZMA or what? I read up on ZMA before i bought it and it is safe for teenagers.Would this mean i have lower testosterone if i get less woodys? Any opinions apperciated!

i am almost 19 but i have started puberty late

Man, unless you are gunning for an Arnold figure or for bodybuilding competitions, why do you wanna risk with all these steroids and hormones? Dunno about ZMA but I know Androgel (a T substitute) is known to cause bitch tits (enlargement of male breasts) and balding (alopecia) in some. If your blood has aromatase (a hormone) then the T that you get from T substitues could be converted to Estrogen (E) causing male breasts. If there is blood level of 5 Alpha Reductase (secreted by certain cells in the lever, depending on genetics it’s either present or not present) then T converts to DHT via 5 AR pathway. If your hair follicles in the scalp are prone to DHT miniaturisation then it will lead to balding (irreversible life long process). So my advice is - throw ZMA into the trash can!

well i am going for the arnold figure actually because im going into competitions soon. and also i am not messing with steroids and hormones. atleast not yet :)


Time to lower the fear factor. Thousands of men each year go on Androgel. Give me the statistics on the percentage of those men who develope male breasts? Show some science to back up all the crap your saying? Do you know anything about what you are talking about?

Some statistics please or just chill on the fear shit!

ZMA is non steriodal and probably isn’t lowering your testosterone level at all. It’s probably all in your mind. Zinc and vitamin B6 isn’t going to lower your test level.

ZMA is simply zinc, magnesium, and some B6 to help the zinc absorb. It’s a little pricey for what it is, but won’t harm anything unless you take way too much.

Adequate zinc is required for optimum testosterone production. However, more zinc doesn’t mean higher testosterone. If you are zinc deficient, taking a supplement will help raise your T to “normal.” That’s what the studies show.

Are you PEing? Overdoing it can cause poor erections.


bio chemistry is a science for your kind information. I already gave you the fundamental pathways of how the conversions occur from Androgel. If you are so concerned you can go and search on Pubmed (a database of scientific articles related to medicine). You can go check forums via google for statistics. I’m not a medical guy. My area of specialisation is computer science, but I’ve done my research. I am not proposing a theory or anything, so why should I give you proof or statistics. Go do it yourself birdbrain.

I’m not the one spreading fear about Androgel. I ask you again to back up your statements or stop making them. Since your into computer science, you should have a better way of using that mind besides making up things about something you have no idea about.

Oh, aromatase is an enzyme and not a hormone. I’m done Thunder.

cyaat8, you asked for trouble.
The following proves that you haven’t done ANY homework. That there’s no method to your madness. And having Thunder on your side doesn’t make you any more correct, you are still wrong. So stop bitching and ranting and work with your head instead —->

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For further scientific research, checkout at pubmed (a medical research database) -

Androgel or something similar is fine for someone diagnosed with hypogonadism not suitable for other treatments. But, before treatment it should first be ascertained whether the guy has primary or secondary hypogonadism, consider the patient’s age, desire to have children, and of course other options. Maybe all the patient needs to perk up T is to exercise and lose some weight. Maybe he is one of the few with horrible aromatization problems and needs an anti-aromatase drug. The point is that T replacement should be done under the guidance of a knowledgeable doctor. Finding one who actually knows anything about male hormones is a challenge. Check out Google’s archives of for horror stories and successes.

Can Androgel or even prohormones cause gynecomastia? Certainly. Will they for everyone who uses them? No. Same for balding.

I don’t know how this snit started, but cool it down a little before someone gets an itchy trigger finger. Sabe? IMO, you are both right. Androgel can cause some people problems, yet is fine for others. It depends entirely on the situation.

I think we can all agree ZMA isn’t negatively affecting musclehead’s erections, and most 18 year olds don’t need more testosterone than they already have.…27-ferrando.htm

Finasteride causes GYNECOMASTIA? I guess everyone should stop taking fin as well.

Marijuana causes gyno? Hmmmmm, I’ve never seen it but hey.

This is the point I’m trying to make. You didn’t show me the statistics on Androgel causing gyno. So I can assume that the percentage is the same as Finasteride or Marijuna?

I asked for statistics. You gave me the same bull you posted earlier. Yes Testosterone can be converted to Estrogen. Everyone on this planet knows that much. Show us some statistics on Androgel causing Gyno like I asked you.

PS. If you feel the need to kick me out, then do so. This is the same argument with PE as a whole. 1 out of 10,000 screws up their dick and it’s labeled unsafe.

If your blood has aromatase

?????? Everyones blood has aromatase. I’ve only seen one study with someone who didn’t.

If there is blood level of 5 Alpha Reductase (secreted by certain cells in the lever, depending on genetics it's either present or not present) then T converts to DHT via 5 AR pathway.

Ummm…..If you have a 5ar deficiency then you have ambiguous genitalia, a microphallus, hypospadias and an underdeveloped prostate gland.

No, you asked for trouble.

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