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ZMA and lower testosterone?


I appoligize for my outburst. People like rg make me quite upset. They just spread fear for those who actually need HRT. I think I’m not the first person rg has made upset. I believe he isn’t a quality member here and has nothing to offer. He argues with everyone here and has a childish attitude toward everyone.

No no no guys, with PE we have a fight club *mentality*, not the actual thing!

Just kiddin, I like it when people flex their brains against each other! I’m with hobby on this one, what he said.


thx for the information guys

i stopped the ZMA for one day and now i am getting my old woodies back again

Poor guy needed hooked on Phonics. :chuckle:

Originally posted by Cya at 8
Show some science to back up all the crap your saying?

Look here cyaat8, you called what I said ‘crap’ and non scientific. So my posts were to prove the science behind it, which bird brained dim wits like you (who think from the swollen head at the end of their dicks) cannot digest anyway. So I am compassionate about your outbursts, as I know you didn’t do your homework and even if you did, it just went in and was excreted the next morning. Any half witted moron worth his claim to have studied testosterone supplementation would have come across the actions of Finasteride, which inhibits 5 AR type II, thereby decreasing the %DHT, which means there’s more blood level of T available for aromatisation.

Lastly, I have much better use for my time than argue with you. The point of my posting was to make others aware of the possible side effects of Androgel. Why should I give you statistics? I’m not an Androgel salesman, neither am I your assistant to do the work for you. Also if you happen to be the one prone to sideeffects, stats mean nothing. So that’s it from me now. You may shout and rant as much as you please. I’m not going to waste another sec on your trash.

Now whats your problem? Did I hurt your feelings? I’m sorry if I did. Truly

You have a pretty thick skull there. I’m guessing you have a 90 IQ? It’s ok, that test doesn’t mean anything anyway. Has someone checked this guys age?

>Has someone checked this guys age?

Nope but I don’t think we’ll bother with the formalities. Time for tubbie bye-bye rg.

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Thank You….No loss.


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