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I have been using GNC’s liquid version for quite some time now with no problems what so ever. It seems to help keep the blood down there for a nice flacid hang.

I just wanted to let you guys know that Yohimbe is on the FDA top 5 dangerous supplements. It’s know to cause increased heart rate and high blood pressure even using small doseages. Physician consultation strongly advised. For more on this visit type in keyword: yohimbe

Oh MY GOD. I just took a little bit and I’ve gone insane. Like omg.. I just poured water all over me… this stuff is insane.

There are a number of grades of yohimbe incuding a “prescription” grade provided by pharmacies; highly refined for more reliable, safe dosage. It’s this one you use while working with a doctor who can help you manage sexual issues while controlling blood pressure and the anxiety and insomnia which yohimbe can cause.

IMO, it is next to criminal to use yohimbe as an additive to the many “men’s sexual supplements/vitamins” on the market. There are just too many guys who are hypertensive already and don’t know it; too many who live stressed lives because of their work or home lives and don’t need yet another brain whack.



Originally Posted by SmallPenisMan42

Oh MY GOD. I just took a little bit and I’ve gone insane. Like omg.. I just poured water all over me… this stuff is insane.

:D Yuppers. Did you try half a tab first, or just pop a whole one right in there?

I just took one capsule of Stacker 3 XPLC. Never again. They don’t even say the concentration of the Yohimbine… I got some Yohimbe from vitamin world, and asked for alkaloid %, maybe I will try it again that way. Thinking I was going to die wasn’t a great feeling though.

I am going to Rite Aid soon… I know I’ve said that probably a few times and get the 9mg alkaloid caps. I will try 1… and if 1 is fine, then 2… then 3, Just kidding, 2 is the limit.

Eroset what is your body weight?

Yeah man I had some stuff in my hands, might have been Stacker, but saw no breakdown on the Yohimbine content and didn’t think twice about putting it back on the shelf. I agree with Avocet, there’s no way it should be as haphazardly used in men’s supps as it is, and there’s no way it should be included without a full disclosure of the actual alkaloid content.

The stuff at my local Rite Aid is tabs not caps, very easy to split in half. Although I’m not feeling anything on a half tab anymore, and I’m really hesitant about trying a full one again. We’ll see. Anyway, I’m 150 lbs.

Oh, 150… I am 200lbs right now, so my fat ass could probably handle a full one. I took a wild guess if it was caps or tabs. I called the guy up and just asked if they had it and how much. I couldn’t believe it is only $7 :)

I have about 12 of those Stacker 3 XPLC’s left, and 20ish Yohimbe Bark Extract 1500mg tabs left. I will throw them both out I guess considering neither of them have the alkaloid content.

Eroset, what purpose did you use the Yohimbe for?

I do have good news about this whole situation… this morning after taking the ephedrine I was about 6.25 NBP, and then after taking Yohimbine I got a firmer erection at about 6.4 NBP. I can die on Yohimbine with a bigger penis :) Just kidding.

At first it was just to increase bloodflow, and for the vasodilator properties as I was dealing with a thrombosed vein that was pissing me off. I ended up getting the vasodilator effect from enough other sources and the thrombosis is gone, I’m just waiting for the rest of the vein to relax (still a bit rigid) before starting up my PE routine again.

But once I saw what it did to my dick (though the shivering sweaty delirium) I became a bit curious about seeing if I could reap it’s benefits without the shit side-effects. I’m thinking now that the L-Arg is kicking in, that along with the Horny Goat Weed plus my wife’s essential oils is enough for what I’m after, and will probably only mess with the Yohimbe for kicks and giggles (and shivers). JAPP’s suggestion of Yohimine HCL is interesting though.

Starting in August I should be low enough BF% to do the Caffiene Tyrosine Yohimbine combo. Funny, they rhyme together. We shall see if I can make it a full week on this routine to lose the stubborn fat.

Good luck to you buddy. Just be careful with that shit.

Originally Posted by Chimaira

I would try losing the stubborn fat the old fashioned way before I risked permanetly damaging my heart…75,4048,00.html just my 2 cents bro… be careful

Oh no, it’s not real fat. It is mutant alpha mediated fat. I have talked to people who said they got to 10% BF and couldn’t get rid of their man boobs.

Give me a flat chest, or give me death!

Well you keep messing with Yohimbine you might get the latter.


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