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Word on "Hung" from Avant Labs - Not under development.

Word on "Hung" from Avant Labs - Not under development.

Wrote an eMail to Avant Labs (makers of the 4AD gel i use) regarding the refernces to the product “Hung” on their webpage. This was the response.

At present, we are not actively working on a formula for Hung. I know of no current homebrew recipes floating around at this time either, as the mechanics behind this are unique and difficult to apprehend.

Best Regards,

Avant Labs

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At one time these guys were making noises about developing a product called “Hung” that was going to be a topical gel for PE. Then nearly all the references to it dried up. I’m guessing that it turned out to be trickier than they thought. It never was released, but there are still a few references to “homebrew hung” here and there on their webpage. (Such as the note on their #3 gel saying that it should not be used for such.)

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