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Why gains slow!

Originally Posted by kingpole
This thread help me to regain health, and not to pussyfoot around with anemia which translates into hypoxia and connective tissue disturbances and compromises.

I had developed iron deficient anemia due to renal insufficiency from taking a antibiotic Keflex that I had a allergic reaction too.

I thought of this thread often while laying in a hospital bed.

I do believe this thread may have helped in my recovery.

Not only is restrictive blood flow bad for the penis it is bad for everything else.

I took iron and four different types of gensing to reverse the illness caused by keflex.
During the later end of this treatment I had some penis growth this is around 11/06 and 2/07.
My theory is that hematacrit levels must be at least 14 and blood oxygen levels at 100% to cause new penis growth. The doctor treating my illness told me that the average adult male is slightly anemic ranging in the 12-13.99 hematicrit.

Here is a link describing the various uses, side effects of certain gensings.


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Very very interesting thread. I have not read it all yet, but it is definitely making me think twice about using the wrap. When I wrap I make sure the glans are never cold etc etc, but it seems fibrosis may still be possible, and may even be the reason for flaccid gains.

I’ll try read the rest of the thread but is anyone able to offer some further insight re: the wrap, fibrosis and flaccid gains?

Wow, this is a huge thread. I spent some time reading it last night along with the studies and another couples hours right now. However, after doing nothing but reading for the last 2 weeks I’m getting kind of pooped out. So I skimmed a little further, but I’m just not sure what I’m taking away from it.

Is there anything you have garnered from this thread and the studies towards improving the effectiveness of PE? Taking supplements or not taking certain supplements to block/inhibit or promote certain events? Perhaps things learned in this thread led to experiments or results I can read about in other threads (link? Search term?) to put it into a more concise and followable action?

I’m not looking for a magic bullet, I’ll be putting in the elbow grease like everyone else, but I’m a 1% type of guy. Meaning I look for those advantages that only lead to a 1% increase. I’ll pay 50% for a 10% better product.

Kingpole, that’s interesting about the hematacrit levels. Are there any other levels a doctor can check that this board over the years has found worthy of checking and balancing within a certain range to promote the effectiveness of our PE routines? Links or search terms?


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Originally Posted by straight8

I have read a little on collagen crosslinking and so far it seems to me that vitamin B1(Thiamin) is a crosslink breaker / Inhibitor, as is L-carosine a Crosslink breaker / inhibitor, and L-cartanine is an inhibitor, I don’t know if this is any good but Lethacin helps with the creation of collagenese in the liver and that supposedly helps to remove fibrosis. Also (Magnesium + vitamin d3) I’ve read increase smooth muscle and elastin cell regeneration / proliferation.


Originally Posted by Golddinger

We don’t bump here. This thread has been dead for over four years. If you have something to add, please do.

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