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White Hairs!


I saw Cosby live when I was 16 in Chicago. That was in 1967.


Supersizeit has grey hairs?! Now, I don’t feel so bad about mine at age 45. I, too, have them around my temples and sprinkled in my moustache. And yes, Horsehung, I’ve already found a grey hair in my pubes and many grey hairs on my chest!

Several years ago, my wife got me some Black Malva shampoo and conditioner from the Aveda store in the mall. It does a really good job of blending in the grey on your head, looks real natural and not like the typical dye job. Just a tip I thought I’d pass on.

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Originally Posted by J Meister
Supersizeit has grey hairs?!

Hey I cant stay young looking forever :)
I will be 40 years old this summer. :whatever:

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Super, Meister,

If you keep yanking that thing, imagine how big you’ll be by the time you reach my age!! (Lol).


P.S. I have virtually no grey hairs in my pubes. Let’s not discuss the rest of my body. Actually, I’ve thought about a hair transplant. “Doc, would you mind moving a few patches of my public hair to the top of my head?”

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That should be “pubic,” not “public.” A little Freudian slip there.

"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg



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