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Whey Protein


Whey Protein

I’m taking Whey protein as a supplement to my weight training routine with the overall aim of getting some improved definition. I’m classic ectomorph and have a good endurance running CV (2.36 marathon, 32min 10k). I have used Whey protein before and had no difficulties (modest doses, 35g in 250 ml of milk), but this time around I’m experiencing serious gastric upset; 5 to 6 craps a day and constant gas of the most noxious kind! It’s so bad I’ve had to stop taking the stuff, but I’m disappointed as I think this really works. Has anyone had a similar experience, or can you guys offer any advice on how to counter this problem (short of not taking it any more)?

Is it the same brand you used before?

Welcome to the world of the unwanted side effect of Whey protein shakes. I still use them but I don’t mix them in milk. This helped a little.;)

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I mix mine in cold water.

A) You are using cheap crap.


B) You are lactose intolerant

Solution. Get a good brand. I dont know what brands you can get over there. Biotest has a pretty good one “Metabolic Drive”. Cut out the milk or start using raw milk.

Good luck.

Yeah,it’s probably a lactose problem as entheogens said.Those are the side effects,you can actually buy protein shakes for people who are lactose intolerant.

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I had the same problem for a little while. I would suggest trying “Isopure” it is very very good shit and dissolves very easily.

It’s produced by a UK company run by an ex-athlete and they are highly regarded by top sports people. Although I have used this product before, they did say they had to change the supplier due (I think) to world-wide milk production problems. Although they assure me that the product contains exactly the same ingredients (only Whey and nothing else) it tastes totally different and not as nice (even with chocolate powder added for flavor). Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve now got some thinking to do.

Watch out with products made by ex-athletes.

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Check for an expiration date.

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Have you ever considered Hemp protein? All of the Omegas, aminos, and protein you need without the stomach upset you don’t! Also, unlike soy, Hemp protein doesn’t have any of the estrogen effects from what I’ve read.

Thanks for all the useful input; it’s greatly appreciated.

Hi Jim,
I’ve used many protein sources including Whey, try to gather lots of unbiased information to make informed choices and avoid toilet trips, ripoffs and the useless stuff. I’ve had great success with Whey coupled with other supplements. Need any pointers, happy to help.


Http:// I use there whey and hardly have side effects unlike others I’ve tried. Alot of protein bars give me bad side effects.

I’d get stomach cramps from whey. I noticed if I eat more fiber(fruit,vegetables), it helps me alot.

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