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Whey Protein?

Whey Protein?

Hey Guys,

Bit of a newbie here, but I was wondering if having a dosage of protein would help gains. I used to regularly do weights and noticed a large increase in muscle mass while taking protein supplements.

Would the same rules apply in pe?

I use generic flavoured whey protein, each scoop has about 20g of protein.

If it would help when should i take it, before or after my “routine”.

Also im vegetarian so should i take protein supplement to help pe?
I am not taking any protein at the moment due to work commitments coming before my old training regime sadly.

Cheers in advance



Although your cock does not contain any muscle tissue, protein should be beneficial in regenerating damaged tissue, ie, micro tears.

As a vegetarian, are you allowed to take whey protein? I guess so. Beans contain lots of protein, load up on them. Excuse me while I fart.

Don’t do it for your girl, do it for yourself!!!

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Cheers, might start the odd few supplement dosages then.

Yeah unfortunately some whey proteins use renin, but most just use whey from milk!

Im doing it for myself too - Im not totally selfless, want the condidence boost and a party trick! hehe!


Beans give an incomplete protein source, unlike meat, milk, whey etc, which have all amino acids. However, even though bread is an incomplete source aswel, bread completes the missing amino acids in the beans, just as beans completes the missing amino acids in bread, combining into a complete protein together. So if you have beans, eat some bread with it, inorder to make it a complete protein source, like meat, milk, whey etc. Go for brown bread as it has more amino acids than white bread. Buy lots of different types of beans and make a mexican stew with peppers, onions, tinned tomoatoes, mushrooms, chile, rice, LOADS of different beans, and anything else you like. Then eat a big bowl of it with some lightly toasted brown bread, pitta, naan bread, tacco etc.

Drink more milk, to make up for the lack of meat for protein. 1 pint/500ml of skimmed milk gives 20 grams of protein and only 0.1 gram of fat. Whey protein is excellent protein. It digests very quickly though, so mix a scoop into 1 pint/500ml of skimmed milk. Milk protein digests slower, so by combining the two, you will be recieving a steady, time release effect of protien, to aid your body longer. Not to mention that it makes the whey powder taste better.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

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Forgot to mention, beans only make you fart because your body isn’t used to recieving them. If you start to eat them very regularly, your body’s digestive system has time to adapt to them, and farting will be minimal. It’s when people haven’t had them regularly and suddenly ingest a load that they will fart like a trooper.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.


Beans do that because there are sugars in them that your body can’t process. But the bacteria in your intestines have a fine time with them. :p

Thanks Gottagrow, will aim to increase my protein intake, my housemates will be sussed as to why im piling on the protein tho without hitting the gym like i used to!


Sounds like a good idea . I would also suggest adding some L-Glutimine.

I is very helpful for muscle recovery and repaor. Its amazing how certain supplements can really aid ur goals.

Could it cause problems if you take it and do kegels for the pc and bc muscle?

Originally Posted by Melvin UK
Would the same rules apply in pe?

I also thought of this, but I don’t think it’s exactly the same. I’m ordering some from that bodybuilding site because I want to bulk up. If it aids in PE that would be great! I don’t know how effective it would be with the whole mass side of the equation though.

Anything that would lower you cholesterol, bold pressure and otherwise improve artery health would have an influence. Also what about things that improve elasticity? Maybe some one should come up with a PE geared supplement. I would really like to know what might improve tissue elasticity. I remember hearing of things in other contexts (like ageing and wrinkles) but I didn’t think of PE at the time and cant remember which supplements they were.

I think whey protein is good for everyone regardless of whether you are lifting weights or doing PE. It is a health drink with good protein and a natural product (leftover in the cheese-making process).

Let me interject.. From my experience

The best low calorie, high protein mixes are as follows..

Whey based - Eclipse Whey Isolate Deluxe ( has it)
Rice based - Xymogen brand.

Instead of starting a new thread I’ll just use this one since it’s idle.

On my off days, since I’m bulking up, do you guys still (the ones who are bulking up or have) take your scoops even when you aren’t working out?

I take 1 scoop before and one after workout and then start PE. Would this be a good idea to split the day in half with 2 scoops on the off day; or just keep it at 1 scoop/ 0 scoops?

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