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Virility Pills

Virility Pills

#1 recommended by PEM

Who knows if its good or not
but I bought a 6 month supply for $150

I am starting my program in 2 weeks and will let you know my results every month

Combining this with PE exercise and possibly hanging

Have Fun all

Ok Update

I started taking the pills on June 1st.
2 pills a day I take it as soon as I wake up in the morning

Right now I am not doing PE Exercises because I have not collected everything I want before I start yet, but shouldn’t be long

Here’s whats happening so far
This weekend will be 2 weeks since I have started.
I will be measuring once per month on the 1st of each month

What I have seen so far.

1. Flaccid Hangs

Since I can remember I have been a turtle man. When I am not aroused my penis turtles inside and all I can see is the head. So far since I have started taking VP, I have not turtled once, and am hanging fairly nice.

2. Skin of Penis

I have noticed skin growth in 2 different areas.
First, at the base, the first 1/2 inch of penis seems to be thicker than ever.
Second, behind the glans, I have seen an increase in foreskin, and it seems to be creeping just a little bit around the glans. This is very interesting as I have never seen this before.

3. Volume of Semen

I have noticed about a 25% increase in semen and something else that is really cool. I have sex and masturbate regularly. I have noticed while I masturbate I am more sensitive, and when I am having sex I last longer. Also today when I masturbated I shot my load about 50% farther than I ever have before. it was kinda funny to be lying on the bed and cumming 3 feet and hitting the wall. Beautiful sight, and scared the hell out of me.

4. Erect

I really have not noticed any erect change, although I no longer get morning wood.

I don’t do any PE Exercises, although I do maybe 10 to 20 kegels a day, trying to get used to it.

There is something that I do, however, that I have never seen on here.

I have the ability to push my penis back inside of me, like inverting my penis. I push my penis all the way inside of me, and then I take both pinkys and stretch the skin of my penis inverted. I only do this for about 30 seconds, as I move my pinkys in a circular motion inside of my penis, this really seems to give a great stretch, as it gives me a nice hot burn. I have only done this about 5 times, but it feels like a great stretch, and I think it has potential to increase girth possibly.

But who knows I am just a newbie, fooling around until I get all my stuff together.

Anyway this is a 2 week update.

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