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Virility Pills

Virility Pills

Hi all! I have wondered whether pils are good or not… Do they just increase bloodflow, or do they really make your penis grow? It seems hard to me to understand how it may grow just because of natural herbs. Anyhow, I´d like to give it a try. As I have researched for nearly a week about the receipt they normaly use, it seems pretty harmless too me. I take “panax ginseng” as a supplement, which is included in their pills. Anyone who can recomend these pills… Can I buy it in Sweden or do I have to order it from their webpage? (It´s a shipping cost of 25$)

Thanks for your contribution


Don’t waste your money on proprietary penis pills (if this is what you are talking about). Either buy the ingredients seperately or go for a cheaper ‘sexual wellbeing’ type pill. Male Response has most of the same ingredients as these pills and is much cheaper, and does a good job though personaly I find it increases my heartbeat a little. Veromax is better but is quite expensive. Or just find a cheap source of L-Arginine.

They will not increase your penis size, though if you don’t have a good diet they may increase your chances of gains.


Ok I see. But which vitamins/minerals are good for “gaining” or which if these witamins are affecting the penis in a good way. Like, improved bloodflow and so on. I suppose all vitamins may be important in one way or another, but some of them must be better.

Ok, Hm, Veromax… I saw these virility pills were ranked no.1 on

In some way I suppose the penis grow. I have seen a lot of testemonials, so perhaps…

But I still avoid buying pills at all, mostly because of the (extreme) hight cost, and partly because I think it isn’t that amazing… Am I wrong? If, I´d like to hear from you who have tested these pills…

Thanks again for your intrest

You really have to ignore testimonials, there is no real way of telling how valid they are and if they appear on a ‘3rd party site’ be just as cautious (who owns the site). Even Thunder’s has had the occasional planted posts (though the moderators are very good a weeding them out).

I’ve used veromax and its ok as a pill but I won’t be buying it again. I have some male response, I’m gradually getting through but again I probably won’t be buying any more.

None of these pills will make your penis grow, if it was that easy this place would not exist.

Look for L-Arginine :) There are lots of good posts on that. Try a search on ‘pills’, that’ll give you 5(+) pages of posts to read for a lot of detailed info :)

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thanks a lot thunder! just what I was looking for =)

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