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Vasodilation (vein Expander )supplement

Vasodilation (vein Expander )supplement

As I’m studying nutrition, I came upon a novel aspect of vitamin B3. There are 2 versions of B3. The version all PE’ers would be interested in is known as “nicotinic acid”. This is because 250-500mgs dilates (opens) the blood vessels dramatically.

Doses this high are used as a treatment for high triglycerides and high cholesterol levels. You know when nictinic acid starts working as you feel as if you have a slight sun burn. This is due to the expansion of capillaries (tiny veins) within the outer skin layers. The effect will last 30-60 minutes and may increase the benefits of L-arginine, which works through different mechanisms.

I would suggest an empty stomach and starting off with the minimum amount, 250 mgs. The Doctor’s Desk Reference indicates it’s use as a vasodilator.

Ginseng supposedly does this as well.

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