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Tricomin works

I already use Rogaine and Nioxin. Only recently, it has stopped being effective. I’m now 33 and losing hair way too fast for my taste.

So, I’m going to follow Mr. T’s advice, and add Tricomin and Revivogen to my regimen.

Mr. T, thanks for the info, I’m going to check out that site…

Originally Posted by Mr. T
I didn’t get that from another site and I typed and came up with it. I just just double spaced it to make it easier to read for men from other countries who’s primary language that they read and speak is not English.
I used to never double space, but on another thread I started called ‘I have proof that women like a big penis some guy from another country was having a difficult time reading a really long post I typed. Sorry for the confusion.

You double space after the end of a sentence, not any damn place you please. I’ll edit and fix this post, it won’t happen again though.

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I’m reading right now.. this is an awesome website!! very very informative… here’s some example info:

Originally Posted by
5 Major Types of hairloss treatments:
1. DHT Inhibitors - Work to inhibit the binding of Testosterone and 5-Alpha Reductase, which in turn keeps DHT levels close to normal, which in turn helps keep hair growth and loss regulation at its normal healthy state. These treatments truly deal with hair loss at the “root” of the problem.

2. Growth Stimulators - Work on a symptomatic level to artificially stimulate growth, without actually dealing with hair loss at the cause of the problem. While this may sound like an ineffective method, growth stimulators are actually a very successful way to at least cosmetically reverse the balding process.

3. SOD’s - Also known as Super Oxide Dismutase, these hair loss treatments work by handling the immune response which occurs as a result of excessive DHT in the follicle. When cells sense a foreign body, they release Super Oxide, which typically help defend the body against invading viruses, cells, and foreign tissues. SOD’s reduce the presence of this Super Oxide, thus reducing the body’s desire to reject the follicle. It’s yet another “angle” proven to work in fighting hair loss. SOD’s are kind of a hybrid treatment because they also have growth stimulation properties, as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Anti-Inflammatory’s - These treatments work to reduce inflammation, itching, redness, and flaking which is caused as a result of the immune response, and which can make hair loss even worse if not controlled.

5. Antiandrogens - The goal of Antiandrogen treatments is to stop DHT from binding to the Androgen receptor. As we discussed in Step 1, this is one of the steps in the chain of chemical reactions which ultimately leads to hair loss. Whereas DHT Inhibitors go to the first chemical interaction and stop it from occurring, Antiandrogens come in about 3/4 of the way down the process, and inhibit one of the last interactions before damage to the follicle occurs. Both types of treatments work in different parts of the process to stop the process from completing.


Revivogen/ Nioxin/ Propecia = DHT Inhibitor
Tricomin = SOD
Revivogen = Antiandrogens
Rogaine/Tricomin = Growth Stimulants
Tricomin = Anti-Inflammatory’s

So basically, with what Mr. T takes, he’s hitting on all cylinders—-he’s got one each of the five possible non-surgical treatments for hair loss.

Originally Posted by raybbaby
I’m going to have to try some of this. I’m 37, I noticed my hair loss at twenty three but no one else seemed to ‘till I was about thirty two. I keep it short and it doesn’t look too bad, think of kinda like Bruce Willis fifteen years ago. But I’m just ok with it, not actually happy about it. I’ve been taking Shen Min and using one of those lasercombs, which seems to have slowed it somewhat. I’ve also been reading about new Follicle cloning procedures that look promising. But in the meanwhile, I will definitely give this a shot. Are you just using the spray or did you buy one of those spray/shampoo/scalp conditioner packs? Much thanks for the heads up on this.

Just the spray. The spray actually has the same ingredients as the conditioner I think. Well anyways, it is all you need as far as Tricomin products go IMO. It is a clear bottle around like seven inches with blue liquid in it.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
You double space after the end of a sentence, not any damn place you please. I’ll edit and fix this post, it won’t happen again though.

I won’t happen again.

Yeah, I’m just a bit frustrated with the ordering system on they authorized my payment, three different times, but claim it didn’t go through. They have not captured yet, and I contacted their customer service 8hrs ago with no response.

I went ahead & got the tricomin spray and revivogen shampoo… I’m hoping that combined with my nioxin and rogaine would be enough to stop the hair loss I’ve been having recently.

Blink: Remember that hair loss is a lot like PE. It is kinda out of your control, but you can do something about it to improve it. Just be patient and try not to stress over it as you buy try out the new products.

BTW, I never had problems ordering on


Been using them forever. Very reliable and cheap.

"Look what your brother did to the door!" is slightly cheaper on the tricomin than—If I don’t hear from them soon, I’ll probably go ahead & pay the higher price on

Just make sure you spell it correctly ;)

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

I ended up ordering both Tricomin and Revivogen directly from the manufacturer websites. For whatever reason (I’m not sure why) my orders didn’t go through with and Unfortunately, I’ll spend slightly more on shipping since I’m ordering from two different sites. I may follow up and let you guys know how fast they shipped; how long it took to get my product.

By the way, I think I’m going to stop taking Rogaine. The heart disease related side effects seem just way too risky. I want to keep my hair, but having a shorter life is not worth it.

For whatever reason, hairlosstalk rejected my order, so I purchased Tricomin + Revivogen from

I also ordered Revivogen from the manufacturer. The manufacturer shipped and delivered Revivogen with blazing speed—I ordered over the weekend, so they didn’t have the order until Monday, yet somehow I had the shampoo by the next day! They must have shipped the same day I ordered because I got the product the next day. I’m very impressed with the manufacturer’s level of service, and I only paid 6.50 for effectively getting next day shipping service. Also, I’m not close to their shipping point in Los Angeles, CA—I’m over 1,000 miles away. All I can say is wow.

I ordered Tricomin from the manufacturer, but canceled when I found had already shipped. I would say the manufacturer was by far more prompt, and more customer service friendly than When calling I got put on hold for very, very long extended periods of time. When calling the manufacturer, I got through almost instantly, and they were very polite, very helpful. After being on hold for about 30 minutes with, they picked up, only to put me back on hold for 10 minutes. The folicia customer service rep also got confused and started talking to me like I was a different customer.

Anyway, I’m more impressed with the manufacturers by far, than any of the websites: /

If you want good, extremely fast/ responsive service, the manufacturer at least on these 2 products is a good route to go:

I’ve stopped using Rogaine because after 4 months, and 2-3 applications per day, I’ve seen effectively zero results. Also, the heart unhealthy side effects of minoxidil are just way too dangerous for me.

My regimen will be:
Tricomin (morning/ night)
Revivogen (once per day)
Nioxin (once per day)

I’ll comment later on whether I get results, perhaps that will be a new thread.


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