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Tricomin works

Tricomin works

I stopped Propecia around April 4, 08. I still take minoxidil 5 % though. I started using the Nioxin shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment with success. I noticed an increase in the amount of shedding when I started Nioxin and it lasted a few weeks. I also started using Revivogen and I noticed a shed effect as well, but the product I want to talk about is the Tricomin spray.

Amazing is the only word that I can think of when I think of Tricomin. Ever since starting Tricomin I started shedding over 100 hairs a day, so I knew that I was responding to it. Shedding is actually good after you start a hair loss treatment and it means that the hair follicles are going into a resting phase and when they sprout out again the grow back twice as dense and thicker and darker than before.

So shedding is good, but it can cause a lot of anxiety, but you have to look past it. When I started propecia I shedded a ton of hair as well, and my hair became twice as thick. But, I quit the propecia because I don’t want to manipulate my hormones anymore.

The funny thing after starting Tricomin I shedded way more hair on that than I did on propecia, but it may be because I started revivogen with the Tricomin around the same time. But, I wasn’t really shedding much when I started the revivogen.

So about two weeks after starting the revivogen and noticing minor shedding, I started the Tricomin and I started shedding like crazy. I started Tricomin around the end of may, and my hair is even thicker than it was on the propecia! The shedding is actually starting to slow down as well.

It is working and it is working amazingly. After starting a hair loss treatment it isn’t unusual to shed for anywhere from two weeks to two months, but I heard some even shed for three months. The longer you shed the better you are responding to the treatment and if you have more of a full head of hair it only makes sense that the shedding phase is going to last longer.

But after the first month you will notice that the shedding is slowing down in stages. You are not going to stop shedding like turning off a light switch, but it happens gradually. I always have had a full head of hair, but it was baby fine before the propecia, and the propecia restored it, but it was still on the thin side.

So I quit the propecia but stuck with the rogaine and immediately started the Nioxin system, then added the revivogen shortly after from the advise of Dino and then added the Tricomin spray.

My hair has not thinned at all since stopping propecia over three months ago approaching four months in about two weeks, and ever since starting Tricomin my hair is almost twice as thick as it was when I was eight years old. I got a hair cut a few days ago and my gay stylist even said that he noticed a difference.

I always got expensive hair cuts because my hair was thin and needed to be layered and feathered with the art of precision and artisan scissor work.

Who’s better at cutting hair than a gay man I thought; well anyway, he asked ” what the fuck did you do”, “oh my God!” ” It is twice as thick from last month”.

I have only been on this product since the end of may and my hair is almost completely restored, and I am confident it will be as thick as it was when I was a child withing my third month of Tricomin, and the other arsenal of products I am using.

So there is a solution if you want to give up Propecia and there is hope. The products I use and my routine are the Nioxin 2 system: Scalp Cleanser, Scalp Therapy, and Scalp Treatment in the morning along with Minoxidil 5 %. Revivogen shampoo and the Scalp Therapy serum at night along with another application of Minoxidil 5%. I use the Tricomin spray twice a day in the morning and night before I put on the minoxidil.

I know this is a ridiculous amount of products and I am a sick fuck, but something is working, and if I would have to guess which product is doing it it would be the Tricomin because of the huge shed effect right after starting it.

The good news though the Nioxin and revivogen shampoo and conditioner bottles last a long time and are not that expensive. I don’t use revivogens conditioner though, because the conditioners don’t do anything anyways.

The Nioxin 2 Treatment bottle/foam pump is like $40 but I add a little bottled water to it, but not a lot; 4 to 1, and I use my old bottle so I always have two scalp treatment bottles, so my water mixture is always accurate. The three month supply of revivogen serum and shampoo is $100 dollars, and the Tricomin spray is $50 and lasts six weeks.

I started buying the Kirkland brand Minoxidil at Costco which is $17.79 for a six month supply, and I like this product better than the rogaine foam which is a fucking rip off and one bottle doesn’t last one month if you have a full head of hair.

I recommend that if anyone who has a non aggressive slow gradual type of hairloss, to jump on some Tricomin. The only reason why I say non aggressive slow gradual type of hair loss is because that is what normal hair loss is like. It happens gradually over the years.

Some people just have hair loss that is so aggressive that they won’t respond to any treatment because they are probably overly sensitive to DHT.

And these are the type of guys who are bald at 18 or in there early twenty’s. I may be 23, and started thinning when I was 18, but it never was aggressive, and would of been noticeable when I was probably 29 years old, and just get worst throughout my thirty’s and forty’s till I was a cue ball.

That’s my take on it, but who knows maybe I did have an aggressive type of hair loss and the Nioxin halted it, because that was the first hair loss treatment that I started around 21, so maybe there is hope for everyone.

Great product gentleman, great indeed. Highly recommend it and don’t worry about the shedding, it will go away.

And the funny thing is your hair will become twice as thick before your eyes as you shed 150 hairs a day, and as the shedding stops, it is a euphoric feeling.

Congrats. If you want my advice though, I would drop the Nioxin and just stick with Rogaine, Tricomin and Revivogen.

And I hate to sound like a pessimistic jerk here, but you quit Propecia in april right? That was only 3 months ago. You might have a big shed in your future.

Good luck

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

I know it has been three months, but my hair is thicker than it was when I was even on the propecia, so that tells me everything is going to be fine, and three months is enough time to notice a difference from what I read. But I will know for sure within the next additional three months. BTW Nioxin is a good product IMO and I have been using it since the beginning of my battle and I still have a thick full head of hair.

I’m doing something right so the nioxin stays for now. The only way I will give up the nioxin is if I go back on propecia which I am now reluctant to do.

I have used nioxin for 10 years, and I’m convinced it works. I sort of ‘held the line’ on hair loss for maybe 8 years with nioxin. Lately, my hair loss lately has very slowly gotten worse (during the last 2 years).

Now I need something more powerful, but I REFUSE to use Propecia—I like going to the gym, and being muscular, and I refuse to give up health in exchange for something that only worked mildly for me.

Do any stores sell Tricomin or do you have to order it through the web?

Also, what’s so great about Revivogen Shampoo? And why use that in addition to Nioxin? It is doing something completely different? From my understanding Nioxin helps combat DHT buildup… seems to think that Revivogen is even better than Propecia, I guess I’ll have to figure out where to buy that in addition to Tricomin

Thunder, it looks like he pasted that from another file — I’m guessing he had line breaks in the file as well, creating the haphazard result you see there.

Can I use Tricomin by itself? The top of my head is thinning and I want to get started on some kind of preventative measures.

The Tricomin only stimulates growth. Tricomin alone would be pointless because you would be ignoring the root cause of your hair-loss. The root cause is DHT sensitive follicles shrink and die with the presence of increasing levels of DHT. You will need a shampoo like Revivogen or Nioxin to bring down the DHT levels.

Also, I am still wondering where in the world you can purchase Tricomin—Walmart & Walgreens don’t have it. Can it only be purchased online? And what about Revivogen, is there any major chain that sells this?

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Well, if Mr. T borrowed that from another website, we need a link to the original or this thread will disappear.

I didn’t get that from another site and I typed and came up with it. I just just double spaced it to make it easier to read for men from other countries who’s primary language that they read and speak is not English.
I used to never double space, but on another thread I started called ‘I have proof that women like a big penis some guy from another country was having a difficult time reading a really long post I typed. Sorry for the confusion.

Blink, go to This is the site I use to order Revivogen and Tricomin. You can’t buy Tricomin or Revivogen in stores. Also, Tricomin has been proven to work in clinical trials and made it to phase 1 and 2 testing, but never made it to phase 3 which would make it FDA approved to make it a drug or whatever, but being that getting a product FDA approved costs millions of millions of dollars the company initially couldn’t afford it, so they just sell it as a cosmetic product. This is what I read as I researched the product. And as far as why I use revivogen shampoo. I use it because it has the same ingredients as the scalp therapy serum that they sell. The ingredients in Revivogens products are different than Nioxin’s products, but it is my opinion that both of the combined is a good combination.

Originally Posted by blink2000
The Tricomin only stimulates growth. Tricomin alone would be pointless because you would be ignoring the root cause of your hair-loss. The root cause is DHT sensitive follicles shrink and die with the presence of increasing levels of DHT. You will need a shampoo like Revivogen or Nioxin to bring down the DHT levels.

Also, I am still wondering where in the world you can purchase Tricomin—Walmart & Walgreens don’t have it. Can it only be purchased online? And what about Revivogen, is there any major chain that sells this?

You are right that it is a stimulator but it does inhibit dht a little from what I read on and other sites, but it is a lot in a sense like minoxidil.
What it does is it shortens the resting phase of the hair follicles which in turn makes you have more hairs that are actively growing which
makes you have more hairs on your head for more coverage. Also, the copper peptides in the ingredients are amino acids which make the hair very healthy, and the combination of that and the other active ingredients if there are any make the hair thicker, but it also inhibits DHT from what I read. Great product! Buy it and see how it works for you. It works for me.

I’m going to have to try some of this. I’m 37, I noticed my hair loss at twenty three but no one else seemed to ‘till I was about thirty two. I keep it short and it doesn’t look too bad, think of kinda like Bruce Willis fifteen years ago. But I’m just ok with it, not actually happy about it. I’ve been taking Shen Min and using one of those lasercombs, which seems to have slowed it somewhat. I’ve also been reading about new Follicle cloning procedures that look promising. But in the meanwhile, I will definitely give this a shot. Are you just using the spray or did you buy one of those spray/shampoo/scalp conditioner packs? Much thanks for the heads up on this.

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