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That sounds great, but I can’t afford that kind of regimen!

I like l-arganine because it’s cheap, and I haven’t had the gas problems you speak of. I have been taking 2g/day for about 1 week or so. However, I recently upped the dosage to 3g/day. I have yet to notice anything. I was interested in the Horney Goat Weed, but it is a bit expensive for me. I’m a poor college student.

I’d like to offer you guys the following site (my aplogies if it’s old news.) Apparently, they are having a sale that ends soon. It right all be a sales strategy, but it looks like they have a lot of stuff marked down. Have a look.

dudes, all this stuff is cheap yo. At the vitamin shop. Most stuff is 10 bucks and 15 tops, some is 7 bucks. I got all this crap for under 100 bucks. If it does nothing, I’m not getting more next month. And I do believe that it’s probably going to do nothing. It hasn’t done much except give me major stomach gas as of yet. There are so many of these fucking herbs that supposedly do the same fucking thing. I’m starting to think it’s just a scam. My erections have been 50% better this week, but that’s caus I’ve been doing stretching and jelging. Not from these drugs. I seriously think that they are just bullshit. As for the L-argenine, how does taking 5g a day benefit you? It’s sort of a blood thinner right? What’s the max dosage for human consumption per day? Side affects? Interactions?

That’s the reasearch I’ve done on this shit I’m taking and the only questionable one is the DHEA, which I’m not taking anymore. It’s hardcore shit.
The main problem with these drugs is that no long term research/clinical trials have been done on them. I’m just looking for 3 things basically and I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about it.
1. Spontaneous wood
2. Increased Libido (talking like a 15 year old)
3. Massive loads

I have none of the above. I exercize a lot, eat good, I’m 16% BF. I’m in better shape at 33 than when I was 20. The only drug I take is prilosec for Gastro Reflux.

Everybody has an opinion on this stuff. Take this, take that, take this, take that. I’m so confused by it. So I figure, fuck it. I’ll take everything there is. But I know that is not the solution as I’ve been feeling really whacked out the past couple days and I know if I continue on this mix, I’m probably gonna fucking have a stroke or something, so I’m trying to sensibly figure out which I actually need and which I don’t. Aren’t there any experienced witch doctors on here?

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Originally Posted by Redwood1981
“NO also inhibits the aggregation of platelets and thus keeps inappropriate clotting from interfering with blood flow.”
This is from a document on Nitric Oxide effects:here.

So taking Arginine will apparently do the same thing as you said Ginko would according to this.
But I think this is good, because it would actually help us avoid thrombosed veins.

What do you think about this Westla?

L-arginine is a precursor of Nitric Oxide and having more of it on board does seem to enhance NO production. The endothelial cells (the lining of the blood vessels) is the location where NO is produced that is of interest to us. NO is a gas and is very volatile. Two important points from the site you linked to are that “it is quickly consumed close to where it is synthesized” and it “affect[s] only cells near its point of synthesis.” Nitric Oxide does not circulate in the bloodstream reducing platelet aggregation. It works only to reduce platelet aggregation if it is a site where it can be produced which is also close to where platelets are doing their job of promoting clotting, which is usually at a point of injury.

In this dog study of NO’s effects on arteries and platelets two types of arteries were studied. One with restricted flow and one with endothelial injury. The amount of L-arginine given (assumed to be intravenously) to these animals which caused an effect on the arterial flow was 60 mg/kg. In a 175 lb. (80 kg) man that would be a one time IV dose of 4.8 grams which is way more than the amount that gets into the blood stream from the “normal” daily dose of 2 to 3 grams orally.

That dose did have an effect on the constricted normal arteries, causing them do dilate. However, while the L-arginine did not have a constricting effect on the epithelium injured arteries, it did prevent platelet aggregation which apparently improved arterial flow in the damaged vessels. Remember that this was a huge L-arginine dose given intravenously. The normal amount of NO produced in the tissues, even with a higher than normal level of L-arginine in the body from oral ingestion, is not likely to prevent a clot from forming in a relatively large, damaged vessel. This is especially true because the thing that triggers platelet aggregation is usually endothelial wall damage and the endothelium is where the NO is produced. Damaged cells are not likely to produce a normal amount of NO, if any, even with extra L-arginine around.

So I don’t think the amount of L-arginine we’re taking will work like Ginkgo Biloba on platelets leading either to easy bruising or prevention of thrombosed veins caused by trauma.

Hey West, since you seem to know a lot about L-argenine, I’ll ask you. Since L-argenine turns into a gas in the body. Is it possible that it can cause bloating, cramps, gas? I’ve had the problem since I started taking it a few weeks back. Today I took none, and I have no gas today. I also take prilosec daily as well. I get heartburn from everything. Any ideas? Can you take this stuff with food?

Thanks, Kevin

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.


Interesting post, thanks for the info.

Ok, so how does Ginko’s effect on platelets lead to easy bruising?

And if someone finds they don’t get bruising from taking it, would using it help prevent thrombosed veins, and therefore be a good thing?

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

On a related note, I understand how NO2 will give you more l-arginine absorption per unit dose than just l-arginine because it absorbs over a longer period of time. But how much better is this absorption? Given that NO2 is like three times more expensive than l-arginine, would it be better to just pound like 15 grams of l-a than 6 grams of NO2 and save money?


That’s a good question. Being a poor college student, the cost is important to me as well.

Bump. Really nobody knows how much better the absorption is? Redwood, you seem to be well-versed in NO2 and l-a — any idea?

Sorry I missed your post, I often get lazy and rely on the “my recent threads” button, which doesn’t always have all the threads I’ve posted on recently for some reason.

It isn’t NO2(Arginine is used by the body to produce NO) there is however a product called NOX2 by Pinnacle(and there are many other brands too), it is still L-Arginine but from my understanding it is in a more complex form. Arginine salts, which take longer to break down and are suppose to keep releasing arginine into your body for up to 10 hours.(according to retailers.)

Is their a real difference? I’m not sure, I’ve only used NOX2 and I know it does work well, but I actually plan to buy some pure arginine to try out also. I may take it in between NOX2 doses and see what that does, or maybe I’m just insane…. If price is an issue for you then try the pure arginine and see how it goes, experiment with what doses give you the best results. But if you do go that route, I think it would be best to take small doses several times a day, rather than one mega dose which will probably end up getting wasted in your body and probably isn’t healthy for you.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Once again guys

I was once the mod for the supps board.

I have been taking L Arginine since 2000 ! I have THE book on it, “The Arginine Factor.”

5-6 grams a day is a MINIMAL dose for “most” guys (some are lucky).

Wait a minute, that is 5-6 grams a day on an EMPTY STOMACH. If you eat any protein within 2-3 hours of taking LA, it is neutralized.

Now, taking the minimal dose will take a while to clean the arteries and enlarge the veins, and is great for horse squeeze sessions.

I repeat, L Arginine (regular, the NO2 is a bit more reistant to food but protein kills it) must NOT be taken with 2 hours of eating protein. Three hours is best.

It is tough yes, but this is the ONLY way to get benefits.

If you MUST eat, then take LA and wait as long as you can (30 min -1 hour) and then eat.

When you want a good boner, you need the humongous amount I listed earlier, 10-15 grams.

LA over a period of time “builds up” a bit in your system.

The absolute minimum I’d take would be 3 grams 3 times a day.

A whooping dose at night (along with stacks of other aminos, NOT Lysine guys…….) will up the growth hormone factor while sleeping and give a better night’s sleep.


Damn - that’s a huge dose!

Your minimum is 9 grams of l-arganine a day.

What would be your minimum of NOX2 a day?

I’m trying to compare prices… I don’t know if a smaller amount of NOX2 is better/worse that a larger amount of l-arganine.

That really sucks that protein kills l-a. I hadnt lifted since I started taking NOX2 a few days ago, and I was garbage in the weightroom today because I havent been eating enough protein, per direction of the NOX2 bottle. But there was a purpose to this post besides whining. I was wondering if taking l-a or NOX2 will still do significant work if I took like 3 grams two hours after every protein meal (this would be about ninety minutes before the next meal). I eat four to five times a day, and I guess I’ll pound some NOX2 before I go to bed. I should also note that I’m pretty sure I read somewhere Redwood saying that his protein drink comes with 2 grams of l-a per serving, so I guess that company didn’t get the memo. Anyway, come to think of it, I’m just gonna try the game plan stated above and I’ll tell you how it works out.

Well I’ve only taken NOX2 in it’s recommended dose which is 6g per day. I also take protein but I space it 2 hours away from my first NOX2 dose and several hours after my second NOX2 dose. It has always worked great for me, but maybe when I have my 1lb can of arginine to supplement my NOX2 I’ll see more effects than I do now, if that’s true, I will be really amazed as I’m quite happy with the effects now.

I know 6g is enough for me to notice good effects, I am 6’3” and 197lbs.
My protein shake does have about 1.5g of arginine in it but that would be some what neutralized by the lysine it also contains. Lysine is the only amino I know of that competes with arginine for absorption, so this is the one thing you need to watch.

The only concern I have with these high 10-15g doses is body adaptaion. Can the body adapt, thereby giving less results from the arginine and a dependancy for a certain level of it for normal function?

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Redwood is doing it the right way

NO2 and eat two hours later……..minimum but ok. Also, the LA Keto in NO2 is a bit better with food than regular LA hydrochoride.

The NO2 bottle says take NO2 at least 30 minutes before a meal. Still, if you gobble down lots of steak and eggs, it diminishes the effect, but not as much as regular OTC LA. Redwood is getting the maximum NO2 benefit.

I do not take NO2 for PE or such effects as, for some reason, it does not do much like regular cheaper LA Hydrocloride. But it is awesome for pumping iron and exercise.

Yes, the 15 grams is a huge dose and one must work up to it but that is for a boner, remember. Around 5-6 grams 3 times a day is an OK dose for most guys. You can gobble a handfull an hour before sex, and the regular build up dosage helps. However, most LA leaves the system rather quickly. It is the change in one’s blood vessels that make the difference.


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