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The DHT Penis Enlargement Diet


So the temporary decrease in testosterone results in a short spike in testosterone levels when switching the diet?

I’ve been focusing on herbs to infuse into my edging oil to help topically apply testosterone boosting properties into the penis. But now will have to look more into what you’re mentioning here.

Starting size: 6.25" BPEL (5.5" NBPEL); 6.5" BPFSL; 5.0" MEG (3/2014)

Goal: 6.5" NBPEL (7.25" BPEL); 5.5" MEG

Current size: 6.50" BPEL (5.75" NBPEL); 7.5" BPFSL; 5.25" MEG (11/25/2015)

I don’t see the vaguest backup for this ‘theory’.

Just so you know, dht is what keeps your male sexual function working.

Did it work?

This is interesting. Wonder why the thread stopped 2 years ago. Thinking of doing an experiment on this.

Its the beginning of a new chapter. New things are scary, but not always bad.


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