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Taste of semen

Taste of semen

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I keep reading about changing the way your cum taste. Stuff like drink juice for better cum.

Well I don’t drink juice because of the carbs but I do drink about a fish tank of water everyday and I have 3 or 4 diet Dr. Peppers.

So my question is do the Dr. Peppers make it taste worst than it could taste? and NO I am never going to taste it and find out. I would throw up if that ever happened.

Also what do you guys do to keep it tasting good?


I noticed when I was drinking a LOT of water a day, about 120 ounces or so, my cum actually tasted like water and had no taste.

Of course it didn’t taste “good” but I’m sure with most girls they’d rather have tasteless cum rather then cum that tastes like.well you know cum =P .

So if you really do drink that much water and avoid certain foods which make your cum taste *bad* (garlic, asparagus.. Many more- a google search can easily find these), I’m sure no girl would have a problem swallowing unless they find the actual act disgusting.

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