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Improving semen quantity, taste and shot

Improving semen quantity, taste and shot

I’m researching in order to improve semen quantity, taste and shot:

· Quantity:

—- Diet: zinc, water, l-arginina and tomato.
—- Process: Ejaculate as much as you can and then abstinence at least of 24 hours although 3 to 5 days is the best abstinence time. If you ejaculate a lot the organism would be used to generate too semen, therefore you will ejaculate more after the abstinence period if before that time you have ejaculated quite a lot.

· Taste:

—- To eat: Sweet fruit (specially pineapple). Plums, mango, nectarine, orange, lemon, lime, parsley, strawberry, mint, coriander; green tea, sweets and apple juice. Cinnamon, cardamom, . Rice, potatoes, hydrates, ice creams or sugar drinks.

—- To drink: 1 to 2 littles of water daily in order to eliminate toxins.

—- To avoid: Asparagus(specially the white ones), chicken, garlic, onion, red meat, broccoli, cauliflower, fat food, spices, coffee, chocolate, cabbage, spinach, vitamin complex, tabaco, marihuana or alcohol(except natural fermented beer or high quality drinks). Arginine.

—- Irrelevant: Fresh vegetables, green salads, celery.

—- Not clear: Dairy products (acids but pleasant).

In spanish:…de-de-la-dieta/…gmx-niv85-con4m

· Shot: I haven’t research too much about this. Work on PC muscle should help but I also saw theories refuting this.

Note: The body takes 12 to 24 hours to synthesize the food eaten (obviuosly you need to ejaculate the semen created with the old food).


That’s all I have researched if someone can refute what I said or contribute with something more… I know many of you have tested some of this things..

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Where I said tomato it can be also valid watermelon or red grapes. All of them have enough licopeno.

Licopeno is spanish, I meant lycopene

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