Taking Ginseng, Ginko, And L-Arginine?

Sorry I would’ve posted this in the supplements part but it would’nt let me.

Just wondering is it a good idea to take all 3 of those supplements at the sametime (like maybe not the exact same minute but all in the sameday) or atleast ginseng and ginko because I cant really seem to beable to find arginine?

I know they are all supposed to all have positive effects on penis health but is it good to take all of them? Also I read where kingpole said you should take between 120-240mg or whatever the measurement is of ginko in a divided dosage a day. What is the recommended dosage for ginko and arginine?

Thanks guys

Starting Measurements (2/27/07): BPEL-5.3" EG-4"

Current: BPEL - 6.25'' EG '' 4.5''

Long Term Goal: BPEL- 7" EG-5"