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Taking all those supplements


Taking all those supplements

I have yet to figure out an effective way to consistently take all the various supplements I’d like to ingest every day. Ideally the supplements I’d like to take, along with the number of tablets or capsules, are:

Hoodia capsules 1-2
DHEA tablets 2
Arginine 10
Ginko Biloba 2
Saw palmetto 3
Fish oil 12
Vitamin C 1
Multi-vitamin 2
Milk thistle 4
Alpha lipoic acid 4
Turmeric 2-3
Vinpocetine 2
Garlic 2
Asprin 1
(and I may be missing a few)

Tomorrow I’ll probably buy some celery seed extract. So, this list is only going to get longer.

That’s a shitload of pills. I’ve tried to organize my dosages by using those little plastic pill cases, but I take too many pills to fit into the little compartments. What I do right now is just stand there in front of one of my kitchen cabinets, grab each bottle, take out the requisite dose and put the bottle back on the shelf. It’s pretty time consuming. I don’t always get to them all.

Anyone have a system devised for taking a lot of supplements everyday?

I wouldn’t mind if this discussion also wandered off into talking about what’all y’all take everyday.

I go through phases of high supplement consumption and none. I just don’t feel better when I take them. But I’ve been conditioned to feel that I should. So after falling off the bandwaggon for a period, I end up jumping right back on it and continuing the cycle.

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You seem to be having difficulty adjusting to taking your pills.

FYI, in the near future, human beings will not even eat “food”. That’s right, what we know now as “food” is quickly becoming old-fashioned, a thing of the past.

My advice: start now. Everyday foods can easily be distilled down into easy to swallow capsules!

For example: a simple loaf of bread, dried, can be placed into 284 large, yet easy to swallow gelatin capsules. Also, after 8 hours in a 165 degree oven, an average size roast can be powdered and poured into 239 large, nutritious, and easy to carry capsules, to be ingested at your convenience!

The future is now, Ike! Stop living in the past, switch to the futuristic utilitarianism of GM’s “Capsule Diet”!

Hope this helps!


Thanks, GM! I’ll try it. Eating is overrated anyway. Could I just skip the injestion/digestion thing and put it all in an IV? Or maybe a really big transdermal patch?

I take 6-8 fish oil capsules a day along with a multivitamin-multimineral (no iron). I just use the XXXL pill-capsule thing from a drugstore so I can measure out the daily doses for a week in one sitting. With the quantity of pills you’re taking it doesn’t sound like that would work even with the largest size available.

I used to take a baby aspirin each day, figuring that getting started early with the anti-inflammatory action wouldn’t be a bad idea, but further research I did suggested that the risk of ulcers (sometimes fatal!) probably outweighs the benefits of long-term supplementation for someone who is young and healthy without major risk factors for heart disease.

You know if you follow this through to it’s logical conclusion,
it all winds up in the toilet anyways.

Why not just cut out the middle man on it’s journey?

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You seem to be having difficulty adjusting to the actual future, which in fact, is actually taking place now.

FYI, in the far future, digestion will have become passé. That’s right, what we know now as “eating” is destined for extinction. Needles, which are unsanitary reminders of a savage stone-age best forgotten, will also have gone by the wayside.

Moisture and nutrients will be taken via subcutaneous and intramuscular administration through an extremely fine, high pressure aerosuspension spray delivery system, eliminating the need for crude “needles” to physically penetrate the skin.

My advice: start now! Avoid defiling your body with uneccesary ingestion and ridiculous peristalsis! I myself no longer ingest liquids, but absorb them into my skin using a soon-to-be-patented Hydrating Emulsion and Immersion System!

The future is now, Ike! Now! Stop living in the past: your health and continued aesthetic proportion of muscle, fat, and bone is vitally important because in the future, bulky “clothes” will have been replaced by form fitting one-piece jumpsuits, made of space-age materials that will not flatter the paunchy.

Hope this helps!


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I take many supplements myself. I see you take fish oil, ginkgo, aspirin, and garlic. Have you had any trouble from excess bleeding of any cuts? -as those are all blood thinners. I use to take all those but my blood became too thin, so I only take fish oil from amongst those on a regular basis now days, and only take aspirin when I have a headache. I dropped ginkgo and added phosphatidylserine in place of it, as phosphatidylserine is suppose to be far more effective for memory.

I take:
Iron free multi vitamin
Vitamin C
B Complex
Super Oxide Dismuse (SOD)
Acetyl L Carnitine
Saw Palmetto
Fish Oil
Fiber blend capsules

Yeah, good point Beenthere, I also meant to mention that. Although high-dose fish oil generally doesn’t pose a bleeding problem for healthy people, combining it with aspirin is NOT recommended by most docs, from what I’ve seen.

I don’t really remember to take the asprin every day. I haven’t noticed any problems with bleeding, but I don’t find many reasons to bleed unless I’m doing something like yardwork and get scratched by blackberry thorns or whatever I encounter out there. I’ll start paying attention more. However, my blood clots easily. When I was in the hospital once they had to change my IV all the time because I kept clotting veins. The nurses started running out places to stab me. At the end of two weeks I was getting needles in the back of my hand and top of my foot.

Yeah, you sound okay, but I’d just suggest asking a doctor next time you happen to be seeing one. Maybe they could run a formal clotting-time test — and they might be able to tell you how the costs and benefits of low-dose aspirin (regardless of fish-oil intake) weigh for someone with your health profile. (Apparently, from what I’ve read, people really underestimate the prevalence and seriousness of long-term drug-induced ulcers…)

I’ll talk to my doctor, but I’ll also just drop the asprin. I’m in very good health, so it’s not essential.

Beenthere, I might switch to phosphatidylserine. It’s sold at Trader Ho’s for a reasonable price. I take Acetyl L Carnitine when I’m feeling affluent enough to afford it.

Do you take EDTA to prevent metal toxicity?

And GM, thank you. I’m going to areosolize my ceasar salad for lunch today. Maybe they’ll do it for me at McCormick and Schmick’s. I’ll ask.

If for some reason I had to take that many pills I’d divide the daily dose into 2 sandwich baggies. Could even label them Mon. a.m., Mon. p.m., etc.

Currently I take a multivitamin and 3-6g of fish oil daily. I take green tea extract, selenium and magnesium most days.

Originally Posted by Ike


Do you take EDTA to prevent metal toxicity?

I take it for the removal of metals from the body, which some believe can help prevent cancer, but also I take it because some believe it literally cleans out the arteries. Mainstream agree that it cleans metals from the body (but disagree that can help prevent cancer), but mainstream say hogwash when it comes to EDTA cleaning out the arteries. I take it orally, and if it does work, orally may mainly help prevent buildup rather than do any reversal. If oral can reverse it’s considered to be very slow. There are alternative medicine doctors that specialize in just administering EDTA by IV. People go in once a week for 10 to 30 weeks, depending on how much they need it, and the effects are considered far more powerful than just taking it orally. You can find books at major books stores that tell all about it. It’s controversial, and you’ll have to decide which side of the fence you are on this one - mainstream or alternative. Insurance won’t cover it, and it costs about $100 per visit.

Mainstream likes to point out someone once had kidney failure from IV EDTA. Research it and you find out that person was back in the 1950s when this was first being done. Now days doctors must be licensed to perform IV EDTA. In the last 50 years there have been no, or almost no, EDTA doctors sued, and there are no side effects. Can mainstream claim that about themselves? The person who had kidney failure from it was administered some kind of astronomical mega dosage that would have done them in just about no matter what the substance was. Do I know for sure it cleans arteries? Nope. I do know it removes metals from the body (and removes minerals, which is why one is instructed to take minerals in at least a multivitamin). The mainstream bringing that ancient case up, and not telling when, how, and why it occurred, and the lack of cases since, is quite a deceptive thing to do. Alternative claims mainstream doesn’t want EDTA to catch on (though it has caught on to some extent) as it would greatly harm the bypass doctors’ business, and that this is why it campaigns against EDTA. Indeed, there are some mainstream doctors that have switched to EDTA. Mainstream basically says bs, that they are just calling it what it is -quackery. Your decision.

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Ike and Beenthere,

How much is the total cost of your supplements per month?
What visible benefits do you see from taking or not taking these supplements?

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