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supplements aiding in PE?


Originally Posted by Inch X Inch
I disagree about testosterone making your peace bigger. I have played with all types of test throughout my late teens and early twenties. Their are forms of testosterone which do not aromatize at all.( Equipoise, primobolan, winstrol, finaject,masteron etc. ) These are solely androgenic steroids. I have done some of these by themselves, and my dude never changed one bit. However, I have made a previous post about Growth Hormone, and wonder if that would be beneficial? What do you think?

What in the Hell are you talking about? Those are NOT in any way a “form of testosterone”. In fact, some these can actually shut you down….AKA lower your test. levels….and EQ is NOT an androgenic steroid, it is mostly an anabolic with slight androgenic effects. Did you even USE test. during your cycles? NONE of those that you mentioned will raise your test levels, and like I said could even lower your levels….so you cannot comment on whether or not a large amount of test. levels will increase your size. I have heard from some people that hGH does increase size. HOWEVER, I don’t think many people will be looking into it any time soon. It must be applied at LEAST 5 times a week (it has to be injected) and for at least 3 monthes to start to see any results from it. Oh, and don’t forget that it will cost near $3G for for this long of a cycle, depending on who you’re getting it from.

I will be running a 22 week cycle starting in a few weeks. I will be using 700mg/wk (20wks) of test. during this cycle so I can comment on whether or not it has an effect. Also using EQ, Tren (fina), Winny and NPP. I will also be using IGF-1r3 which supposedly helps increase size for some people. Don’t want to go thru what it does, but it has a very similar effect to hGH in a more cost and time effective matter…mostly because hGH stimulates release of IGF in the body. Anyways….will report back if I remember about this place seeing how I have been MIA and been on a long break.

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