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steroids and PE


Originally Posted by strike2
Yes winny sucks I don’t know why people love it so much. Mabey its just easy to get ? I would rather use Tren and/or Var. I’m not on a cycle atm but am considering doing one this summer.

Did you ever consider that the winny you have might be fake?

To the original poster… roids do nothing positive for PE.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

I have always wanted to try roids but I felt that it would be cheating. I have lifted for a long time, and finally am starting to see some gains. I feel great because the muscles I have made are all mine. I feel like I have cleansed my body in some way. Kind of like digging a ditch. You feel exhausted at the end but somehow, you feel good. You should try lifting the weights not only to get bigger but to feel good about yourself. It is not easy, and that is exactly why the reward tastes better when you are through. It is like those guys you see in the gym lifting those massive weights, but they are so heavy that they are not doing the exercise right! I know you have seen these morons. They just don’t get it. They go to the gym to impress people. Try going to the gym grabbing the appropriate, less-than-impressive weight, minding your business and concentrate on it. Do it for yourself and fuck everybody else. You will get big, you will feel great, and you did it all by yourself.

Or just do the steroids and get the chicks before I do.

Some guys lift weights, I hang 'em!

Originally Posted by JAPP
Did you ever consider that the winny you have might be fake?

To the original poster… roids do nothing positive for PE.

I don’t have any winny. The group of guys I hang with don’t use it, its popular though. Like I said in my last post I would rather use Tren (Fina) and/or Avanar (VAR). If I want to cut even more i’ll use cardio and diet maybe some Clen and/or T3.

Im saying it sucks because its bad on joints and ligs. When I’m on a cycle i want my shit to grow with no pain and the least amount of risk of injury. I know two guys personally that used winny and have had joint/lig problems. One blew his shoulder out. The tendons snaped. Almost everything I get is human grade from a long time reliable source :) Although I have used QV befor. I have not done a cycle since befor Christmas, I’m debating on getting on a cycle early summer. Something like this, not set in stone yet:

wk 1-4 Test Prop 100mg ed and or Dbol 40mg a day as a jumpstart
wk 1-14 Test C or E 600mg or 750mg a week
wk 1-12 Deca or EQ 400mg or 500mg a week.
wk 7-15 Tren 75mg ed
——and mabey —-
Avanar 50mg ed not sure where in the cycle I’ll put it yet.

wk 1-19 novladex
wk 16-19 clomid
and have some L-Dex around along with some Tribulus and Tongkat Ali

Like I said its not set in stone and as for the winny thats just IMHO.

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