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steroids and PE


steroids and PE

Iv just started doing PE, which is warm, then strecthes then 10 min jelqing. I also started a new steroid cycle yesterday, this is coincendental as i would of started one anyway had i not started the other. My cyle is 500 mg test enanthate per week, 400mg deca per week, 40mg diannabol per day for first 5 weeks, and 40 mg of winstrol per day for the last 6 weeks of my cyle, my cycle is 14 weeks in total before i begin pct of clomid and HCG. I will also be taking HCG towards the end of the cycle as well and i have nolva on hand in case i see any signs of gyno. I was wondering will any of this have a positive or negative effect on PE?

Thanks for any help

I am doing a cycle and I doesn’t seem to affect PE much though your nuts will shrink.

I’m currently doing Sust,D-bol, proviron with clomid at the end.

Feb 2003: 7" BPEL x 5" EG. June 2006: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

(6" base girth)

Yeah this is my third cycle so far my nuts haven’t shrunk on any of my cycles and the test makes me really horny so thats a good thing, lol

thanks for the help

ps i’ve never done sustanon is it painful like people say?

Bigger biceps, trying to grow your dick, but shrinking your testicles all at the same time. That is an odd combination of priorities.

Personally, I would choose to accept the muscle gains you could achieve by lifting naturally, and have big nuts.

Plus your 14 week cycle will kill your natural test production even with hcg and clomid, and even though you will be horny for a while, you will then become very un-horny and feel like crap without the roids, which will make you want more roids, etc….

I’ve seen plenty of people go through that crap, and it isn’t worth it.

Sorry, I am preaching. I am an old guy and I have tried all that, so that is my opinion.

dont need to be sorry i appreciate your advice, but i have done two cycles before this and the last one being identical and i recovered well from it. I got tests done before and after and everything was back to normal after PCT

The early test will give you more blood volume (larger flaccid) and easier erections, however later deca

dick will make PE difficult, but you can still jelq with a low level erection and gain. Other than “maybe”

healing a little sooner, I dont think the extra test will have much effect on the connective like structures

in your penis.

I always wondered if testosterone boosters would help PE as thats what makes us grow dicks in the 1st place

There’s no indisputable evidence that I’ve found as to whether it helps or hinders. I concluded that it’s much like SmilingBob says, and much like some of the effects of BB, in that it will speed the cellular operations in a generally positive way and help healing happen faster which would allow more frequent workouts. It will probably also bring on any plateau’s faster as well though, so exploit your opportunity window studiously and with care.

The shrunken Testicals are temporary, and if you use HCG during the cycle it will “blow” them up past normal size. Atrophy only occurs when people abuse roids for long periods of time without the proper PCT.

I was wondering how Deca combined with Test could help. Deca is pretty good for lig’s. Let me know how this works out for you. The reasons I think it could be good is: like I said Deca does good stuff for the lig’s and then running test with it will fully negate Deca Dick ( run the test higher than the deca). So together with the deca helping the ligs and the test giving you a fuller flacid hang could result in better post PE recovery. Im curious about this too.

thanks for all the help i appreciate it a lot

I’m almost at the end of my cycle and though my nuts have shrunk, its only by about 30%.

Also, I bought my penisplus at the beginning of the cycle and have gained .5 inch BPEL/BPFL and I don’t have any erection issues (I got through a 12 pack of condoms last week).

Thats just my experience.

Feb 2003: 7" BPEL x 5" EG. June 2006: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

(6" base girth)

I agree with Smilingbob. You’re most likely to see improved flaccid hangs because of the increase in blood volume. (Make sure you drink plenty of water while on.) Also, I’ve ofter wondered whether or not I was just imagining things when I saw that my erect size looked a little larger while on test. The same might happen to you. Some say that’s impossible, but I beg to differ. I could sware an increase, be it temporary, in both flaccid and erect size.

Definitely should see improved flaccid hangs.using hcg several times per week at 250mg per shot should keep your nuts from shrinking much if at all.the first part of your cycle looks good, but I hate winny because of it’s effects on my tendons.I’ve had two serious tendon tears while on winny, which thickens tendons, but also makes them brittle.

Yes winny sucks I don’t know why people love it so much. Mabey its just easy to get ? I would rather use Tren and/or Var. I’m not on a cycle atm but am considering doing one this summer.

Staying flaccid while getting into my hanger was a chore on Test. Any touch to the G-Unit, and I had half a chub.

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