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Proposal: Supplement Matrix

Proposal: Supplement Matrix

There so many threads around here about supplements, it’s bewildering trying to synthesize any useful information here.

Thunder: could we possibly have a “suppdata” place where people can enter (optionally) their handles and then they can input their supplement use data and results into a table? For example rows by supplement name, columns by “long-term benefit”. They could have a place whether a given supplement they tried helped or not and that’s the main thing the matrix would show. In their personal info they can list their “regimen” of supplements including brand, dose, etc. Very similar to the PE Data pages which I have found helpful.

The matrix would then show for a given supplement, at least anecdotally, which supplements seem to help or not to help for a given desired result (better erections, bigger loads, higher libido), etc.

What do you all think? Would you need my help in setting it up?


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Good idea BigFAtLUvRocket!

Go for it!

Yes, thanks for volunteering!

Er no, but thanks for volunteering. I mean it would be great to have such a database available for members, but our tech manpower is limited at the moment, and I am not sure when it could be installed, even if you coded it.

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That’s what I meant. (:

Maybe until that is possible someone could set up like an excel sheet and people could download it and add their finding and someone could collate the info?

Just an idea


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