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papaverine cream--"miracle grow" for PE?


Originally Posted by sweet21
I am sure they just compounded with another chemical to make it into topical form.
According to WebMD, papaverine is used to treat, “Lack of Blood Supply to the Brain, and Peripheral Vascular Disease.” Also according to WebMD, ” Papaverine is a vasodilator. It works by relaxing the muscles in the blood vessels.”
I would use the cream if given the opportunity. It appears the study is taking place in China. I am sure the Chinese doctors in charge would allow someone to give it a try. Unfortunately, I don’t live in China.

Oddly enough, if you look online on some patent sites, there are exact directions on how to make topical papaverine cream specifically for ED. It is not easy.

I also would use the cream if I could get a hold of some. Maybe in time(sooner than later) it will be easily obtained; something along the lines of generic viagra/cialis.

If I was not such a baby I would ask my mother for some, she is a pharmacist. Maybe, the next time I call her, I will drop papaverine into the conversation to see if she has heard of it.

stormy, can you post a link to the patent sites on how to make the topical cream?

Someone might take the plunge and try it.

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Has anyone found a site yet that sells topical papaverine as of yet?

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I’m still wondering the same thing myself. A few online sites show stocks of oral papverine pills, but I still haven’t seen anything about a topical cream. I suppose the easiest way to get it would be to have a quack doc prescribe it and let the pharmacist make it or order it. I know of one in my town, but I’m not totally sold on the idea of using topical papaverine (despite my initial curiosity).

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You know, it isn’t that difficult to make, and the link that someone gave even gives exact instructions on how to make it. The most idfficult part is obtaining the raw materials, particularly the prescription meds (papaverine, phentolamine, norepinephrine).

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