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You inject panax?

No, Insulin.

I’m bringing this subject up again because I heard it is good for Asthma.

Clinical efficacy of Korean red ginseng for erectile dysfunction

Choi HK, Seong DH, Rha KH.

Severance Institute of Andrology Research, Yonsei University, College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.

To investigate the efficacy in treating erectile dysfunction and to develop a natural drug without complications, the results of ginseng treatments are compared to placebo and other drug. A total of 90 patients with 30 patients in each group were closely followed. Changes in symptoms such as frequency of intercourse, premature ejaculation, and morning erections after treatment were not changed in all three groups (p > 0.05). However in the group receiving ginseng, changes in early detumescence and erectile parameters such as penile rigidity and girth, libido and patient satisfactions were significantly higher than that of other groups (p < 0.05). The overall therapeutic efficacies on erectile dysfunction were 60% for ginseng group and 30% for placebo and trazodone treated groups, statistically confirming the effect of ginseng (p < 0.05). No complete remission of erectile dysfunction was noted, but partial responses were reported. No cases of aggravation of symptoms were reported. AVS-penogram, which is a recording of penile hemodynamic changes during the natural erection after audiovisual erotic stimulation, is not changed after administration of ginseng. However if administered for a prolonged period of time, the cummulative effect on vascular flow might be seen. The administration of Korean red ginseng has shown to have superior effects compared to the placebo or trazodone. Definitely more researches are required to elucidate the mechanism of ginseng. The effects of saponin, extracted from ginseng, on smooth muscle of erectile tissues, can be evaluated using organ chamber or nitric oxide titration, thereby pinpointing the exact action mechanism of saponin. As more informations are available, possible breakthrough in treatment of erectile dysfunction could be arisen from active saponin extracted from red ginseng, bringing hopes to many sufferers of erectile dysfunction.

Good report, it makes one think that it could posibly grow the penis more.

I started taking gensing a couple of years ago and well I’m here to testify that I does really work. It works for erectile dysfunction and helps to lower high blood sugar n umbers. I take Korean,Russian,Chinese and American ginseng.

When I was very ill in 2005, the Ginseng’s increased my white blood cell count back up to normal. For some reason I was immune compromised

I swore I remember reading in Muscle and Fitness back when I was 16 that Panax Ginseng did increase penile girth. It was a very small paragraph of the benefits of Panax Ginseng and the only mention of increased penile girth was in one sentence. I remember taking it for a few weeks, but to be honest, I can’t remember that much about it since it was 8 years ago and I never even heard of PE before so I didn’t measure to see if it worked. I did feel better overall, though. That I do remember.

I think a higher dose would help the body, but not sure if one would have to cycle it like Tongkat Ali.

The gensings increase testicular size, this I know for sure. About girth I don’t know I have increased in girth somewhat but I think that is due to doing uli’s and jelk squeezes. I take 300mg of the Korean, 500mg f the American, 300 of the Russian.It takes a good three months to increase the firmness of your erection. But I saw gradual increases of course this was also due to kegals,edging,jelking it all works together.And I had complete ED.

Its an adaptogen, which basically means it helps to improve your health and deal with environmental stresses. So, if you are healthier, you will have a more normal erection.

As far as increasing size, it probably just aids your recovery to the stresses of PE. So if you were always slightly overdoing it, it is probably just enough improved recovery to make a difference.

Yeah, I could go for that. But for us poor dudes that can’t get a woody it is a God send. Small testicles are no fun either, they atrophy along with your penis. Regain Regain again!

What exactly is Russian ginseng? Do you mean Siberian ginseng? BTW American ginseng is not real ginseng. It is not Panax.

Correct Russian is not a true gensing but it is really good for the wood. And so is the American. Other things for great wood are:

Garlic pills
Yohimbe (Yohimbe can be unstable, therefore it works sometime and other time is does not, to make it stable take it with ginger.
Celery seed
Tribulus (Also unstable unless you take it it with Ginger)
Maca root
Green tea

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Where did you hear about that ginger thing for Tribulus? Sounds like a neat trick if it works.

I use to get a magazine from EAS labs and one of the adds was on the inconsistancy of these natural substanses. For example Yohimbe is sometimes destroyed in the stomach by pepsin. Ginger blocks pepsin alowing yohimbe to be absorbed by the intestines and do it’s work, same with tribulus.


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