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NEVER put cayenne pepper on your dick NEVER

It’s Kingdong69 fault!

I blame it on him.. Almost made me lose my manhood. Aleast it felt like it :(


Well.I feel bad

He did warn me that it was gonna hurt so.. Could someone please unbanned him?

My veins where bigger.So I can’t complain.. But I’ll never do it

He’s not banned codeevil, he’s just on hold for a brief bit. He’ll be back.

That’s what happens when you don’t follow the Forum Guidelines. By the way, you might want to take a look at the Posting Rules section. ;)


If you really want to jump out of your skin, try that with a niacin tablet, I had a friend recently who took one, had the “flush” reaction, and didn’t know what it was, and was about to go off to the emergency room, so in between trying to calm him down, and not let him hear me tying to contain my laughing, good times.. .

Sorry dude, hot is hot. I was trying to remember what neutralizes cayenne, milk maybe, water, not! Learned that from Mexican food, bite on a jalapeno, water just makes it worse.

I guess it’s true what they told us, don’t play with your food!

Crap. I wish I had seen this thread before I decided to put cayenne pepper on my dick. ;)

I think you misread that thread. It supposed to be the mixed juices from a Bhut Jolokia & the Red Savina chili pepper.
You should give that a try ;)

This is a joke of course…

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It seems putting cayenne pepper on your dick is like a rite of passage in Western Culture today. It’s not a matter of if, it is a question of when. All males put cayenne pepper on their dicks at some point, usually between the ages of 16 and 21.

Thank you, codeevil1000, for getting the word out. I hope your message takes off, and others are spared the pain of the pepper.

By the way, codeevil1000, you haven’t stumbled across the wasp sting thread, have you? Do not try that one, whatever you do! ;)

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How about cayenne, PLUS a stinging nettle leaf or two, and a niacin tablet, I wonder what would happen?

So what have we learned here, kids?

1: Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

2: kingdong69 is not a reliable source of information.

3: Consider the source.



I don’t understand, we have a spice that can burn your mouth with just a little pinch that is added to your food, it can burn your nose if you even smell the container, and then someone comes to the conclusion, “I’m gonna try putting this on my dick!”


I have read cayenne is a vasodialtor when taken orally however.

But here is some wisdom I will share:

Before you put anything on your dick, make sure you thoroughly know what it is and what the likely effects are. Then if you really want to experiment, try a small “test area” before putting it all over.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Well duh redwood.

Of course I tried it a little on my dick. There was no feelings so I spread that shit on after like 2 minutes. THEN after like 5, it started tingling a little.(bearable pain) But then after like 6, it was like death. :(

Pour milk on it next time, or dip it in sour cream. It will kill the acidity.

This is funny!
I’m new here, so thanks for making this fun already.

I know you are all very serious guys usually, thanks for spicing it up.

Originally Posted by Goodtogo

I know you are all very serious guys usually, thanks for spicing it up.


Hey Doubles

I love that guy, I wish I could hear the laugh, what was his name? He was a “bad” dog, right?

Oh wait!, is that the kingdong dude who put codeevil up to it? It would make sense.


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