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NEVER put cayenne pepper on your dick NEVER


Originally Posted by _Phoenix_
I found this thread with kingdong69 saying something about vinegar and cayenne pepper. Was it this?

Cream increasing blood flow

Also quik4life mentions it for circulation.

Yeah, that is it I am sure… Here is the excerpt:

Originally Posted by kingdong69
I know something that will probably get you bigger and defo increase circulation. Could be a bit painful though.

Massage your dick with a mixture of cider vinegar and cayenne pepper. I’m 100% certain this would be effective for increasing blood flow as it passes through the skin and glans and is one of the best substances to imporve blood circulation. I have considered trying it but in no hurry. I’ve had it in my eyes a few times (by accident) and it stung but my eyes are still fine. So, if they can take it surely my dick can take it. Something for the future? Or maybe better a cream or olive oil mixed with cayenne. NO nedd for the vinegar really.

I also liek to use olive oil for jelqing and massaging.

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What still amazes me is that this thread is even necessary… .

I’m going to start a thread— “don’t slam your dick in a car door!”


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Originally Posted by androNYC
What still amazes me is that this thread is even necessary… .

I’m going to start a thread— “don’t slam your dick in a car door!”


Haha, I just went to post the same statement myself…

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Hey guys don’t knock it til you try it. It works, painful perhaps, but it works. When I come up with my new pain free formula I will fill you all in.

Originally Posted by androNYC
I’m going to start a thread— “don’t slam your dick in a car door!”

Crap! Now he tells me.

I just slammed a drawer closed on my penis.

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Spicing Up Your Dick

Somehow I didn’t think red pepper powder and my penis would make good pals! Being a male and spending a good part of my life being concerned about my dick means however that it has had a lot of encounters read misencounters over the years. I guess we just want to put a bit of sensation down there with the hope that its going to do our dicks a bit of good and go about our businesses with straight faces!

Recently I put fresh turmeric root into sesame oil then added L-Arginine from a capsule. It seemed to dissolve, I wasn’t sure if Arginine was oil soluble but anyhow the blood vessels on my flaccid penis seemed to bulge out more than I’d noticed before. Was wearing black underwear and black jeans!! Turmeric stains! But no great sensation etc..

So, next stop to turmeric’s close relative Ginger!

Grate some finely, tell the wife you’re making some ginger tea and you read it was good for your joints etc just make up some story! Then squeeze juice out of it about 1/2 teaspoon and dab some on your glans shaft and balls with finger tips. Wait about 30 -40 secs and you’ll feel a sudden warm Whoosh! There is a slight burn but nothing intolerable just go easy initially I think we might have a winner here!

Elsewhere I read about putting arginine into a cream so I mixed some into a cheap tub of a body lotion. Just make sure it has water listed as an ingredient to ensure it will dissolve any arginine and that ginger juice will be miscible. It worked fine but arginine can smell with a fishy odour after some time. My point I enjoyed the ginger on my dick experience so much I decided to forego the cream mix business. It’s also Interesting to dab some on your anus and feel the heat! Ginger is much safer than cayenne for your dick!


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