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My L-Arginine


My L-Arginine

I have it in capsule form & it clearly says take one(500 mg) capsule a day WITH a meal. I have read that taking at least 1-3g is more beneficial per day on an EMPTY stomach. I know guidelines can be bent to your own desire but I wondered what I should do?

Good Q.. I’m interested in this as well, so if anyone more knowledgable could tune in here it would be greatly appreciated :)

Sidequestion: What’s the exact connection of L-Arginine and L-Ornithine ? Just HGH synthesis or something else, too ?

And what about glutamine acid (needed by the body to synthesize GABA, HGH and some others) ?

Originally Posted by BallaBalla

Yeah whateva

I can’t tell whether your an idiot or your giving me the answer. In future give me a more clear answer please, “peace out” balla.

I have NOX3 which is Arginine alpha ketoglutarate and Arginine Ketoisocaproate 3000 mg plus Ornitine alpha ketogluarate 100mg per serving (3 tablets) by Universal Nutrition (expensive like a hell). And they say to take 3 tablets twice a day once in the morning on empty stomach and once 30 minutes to lunch. Also to drink enough water. I do only 3 tablets once a day (morning) and my load is at least twice the volume it was and testes are a bit bigger (I do a morning massage as well). They say its NO releasing mix (kind of Viagra effect) but I don’t feel that too much. I have read that HGH stimulation is atchieved only using much more than 3g or arginine a day (more than 20 as far as I remember). I too have read that glutamine stimulates HGH and imune system but I did not try it yet.

Hm for the glutamine acid I can fill in some of the blanks (only the positive ones here ;) ):

To me my (injured) ligs finally feel like they are really going to heal this time. Kinda like the effect of massive doses of Vitamin C, only with a more healed feeling than with Vit. C.

On second thought this is true for any injury I happened to inflict on myself in the last few days.. On a downside glutamine acid really affects my shortterm memory in a bad way (but my long term memory in a good way). There must be something I’m missing here obviously :)

I’ve heard people who seem to really know what they’re talking about say that you have to take it on an empty stomach. All the NoX stuff and straight l-arginine I’ve seen also say empty stomach on the bottle.

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I take 1 gram of L-arg, three times a day, at least 1/2 hour before meals.

Hello amigos. I have been using straight l-arginine for about a year and NOS for near six months. I have found this out….with l-arginine, for better sexual stimulation ( either intercourse or PE) take between 3-5 grams about 30 minutes before the activity. Arginine is synthesied rapidly and the effects can be felt in that period of time. Also, relaize that both NOS and arginine itself is an amino acid that is used in the synthesis of protein…you must lest it build up in the system! About a week of taking argnine alone should sufficient for effect. NOS works quite well after about the second to third week. Empty stomache preferred depending on the activity…If your hitting the gym, empty stomache! if you take it before going to wrok at lunch then dinner time, do the food, its designed to help synthesize all those nutrients as well. But i have noticed that 30mn-1 hour before sexual stiulatio that it will and does help in the sensitivity and blood flow. Dont expect to take this stuff and get results the first day out. I can honestly say, after using both for as long as I have, load and sexual vigor have increased tremendously. Str8

Sorry bout the NOS, I keep pluralizing in the wrong way…NOX. NOX is a hemodialotor, and it’s also a massive dose of Arginine. Blood flow will increase, I have noticed it. Vascularity, big veins….but work out the body as well if you take it. just wanted to clarify my NOS issue…;) str8

Along with taking Centrum and Vitamin C 500Mg daily and Saw Palmetto 2 capsules for prostate & urinary health ( over 50 in age), I also take 1 capsule of Vitamin Shoppe L-Arginine 500mg with Vitamin B6 10mg between meals about a hour or so after lunch and 3 to 4 hours before dinner. It does increase blood flow to penis, stronger erections yet then I has no problem with getting strong and lasting erections without before taking it. I find it helps with the PE routine. You can purchase the L-Arginine fro $20.97 at Vitamin Shoppe and there are 300 in each bottle. I hope that helps. Any more questions, let me know. Poppa.

Str8 - 3 to 5 grams in one shot? Any risks of too much in one dose or in one day?

Read the ARGININE SOLUTION. I take 10 grams daily and the max you should take is 30 grams. Also read GROW YOUNG WITH HGH by Dr. Klatz. These supplements have helped to maintain my blood pressure and have been beneficial in feeling younger.

jmichigan, I take between 5-10 grams a day. The only real side effect that I can attribute to it, may be gas. This only happens when I take it with something carbonated like seltzer water. simon

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