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My L-Arginine


Anybody knows, why we should take L-Arginine on an empty stomach?


I have read various reasons for taking l-arginine on an empty stomach. A lot of what I read says that some people may get upset stomachs if taken without food, so THEY should eat food before taking it. Other writings talk about the synthesis of amino acids and the dilution factor with other foods. On an empty stomach, the acids get to it and it is quickly digested and taken up into the system. The active cycle of non-food proteins and aminos is very short. That’s what I have read. Now from what I have experienced; when i take it with food, I don’t feel any effects. When I take it (5-7 grams as of last week) 45 minutes before sex, with LOTS of water, I feel it like mad. But, this is also down to a personal thing. Diet, excercise playing its roles and all. I buy the dilution factor when it comes to aminos. Just Google the phrase and decide for yourself how to take it. Body builders use supplements differently from soccer moms. I am looking into a tribulus/BCA/stacker. Hope I may have answered something…lol Str8

Arginine has an anabolic effect because it increases the insulin production when taken with carbohydrates, not because it stimulates the HGH levels when taken in lower doses (like 6 grams a day).


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