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My Extenze Daily Log

Hey all!

Day 17:

Bigger veins. That is what I have now noticed. And they are a lot bigger and more of them.

I took my pill with a chocolate drink called Advantage this morning. I feel like a million bucks right now!

I bought this stuff at a GNC store in the mall. It was $39 for the box and it is maximum strength.

That’s all for now. Everything is going pretty well. No dog molesting at this time. But for some reason, before I came here, I typed in Maybe you can help me with this Thunder? ; ^ )

See you all tomorrow,

I’m afraid to look.

Day 18:

I just washed my pill down with another Adkins Advantage chocolate drink. I feel great after that!

Did the deed with wifey last night. I am definately lasting longer these days. Much easier to hold back and control my cum. Nice and hard. Did not go soft when the action slowed down. Seemed to be big, but not any bigger than it has been lately.

Yes, I am the stud! ; ^ )

Your log only continues to motivate me. No abnormalities at all?

I think it is the Yohimbe and Trib having the effects on you.

So, you could probably get better and cheaper versions of that stuff.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Why not wait and see if Vinnie implodes first? Or loses all his hair, eyes turn yellow, he gets arrested for molesting his neighbor’s dog, etc.

Yeah, he’s testing it so that we don’t have too. Interesting though. It can’t be all placebo, surely?

I'm fed up of having a signature!

His post have convinced me to give it a try.
I found the 30 day box of maximum strength Extenze at Wal-Mart for $28.36
Hopefully, I will get as good results as Vincent. I started taking them today.


That is the same stuff he is taking? You can buy it at wal-mart.

Day 19:

No change in size. But that is ok, I really did not expect that. I did, however, expect great boners and that I have! If I even look at a picture of a girls snatch, BOING! If a cutie walks by me during the day, BOING! Tent pole action almost every morning. This is all quite different form last month, that’s for sure. I don’t know about everyone here, but when I got to be in my 50’s, sex just did not have the importance and urgency that it used to. I’ll tell you what, it is urgent now!

The reason I know it is not bigger is because when I cop some wood while laying in bed it does not reach quite to mey belly button. My dick is just short of doing that and I have always wanted it to reach my belly button. I don’t know why, I just have. Maybe by the end of this month though, huh? ; ^ )

Look, if it enhances EQ, especially nite wood, I think that alone can really contribute to penile health and help cement whatever tissue stretching you achieved with your PE.

I suggest get back into a modest jelquing program, where you DON’T get any decrease in EQ. You might find the combination gets more gains for you. Just make sure you don’t do so much PE that your EQ starts to drop, then you are neutrilizing the positive effect of the Extenze.

Originally Posted by splking1
That is the same stuff he is taking? You can buy it at wal-mart.

Didn’t Wal-Mart ban titty books or some other ‘family values’ bullshit?

Yet they will sell bigger boner pills.

Thanks VVC for sharing…

I certainly will follow this thread and your log with

extreme interest.

Hope it continues to do good things for you.

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Originally Posted by androNYC
Didn’t Wal-Mart ban titty books or some other ‘family values’ bullshit?

Yet they will sell bigger boner pills.

Yeah they banned Maxim & FHM a couple years back.

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