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Monster Load Stack


Monster Load Stack

What do you guys think of this?

- lecithin
- damiana
- pygeum
- tribulus

I am thinking about taking all 4 regularly to shoot some massive loads. Opinions?

Add some zinc in there. Cheap and easy and works well.

You might be better off taking 5+ grams of arginine per day. Add some lecithin in for good measure. There are plenty of recent reports of Arginine doubling load size.

Normal zinc tablets have too much to take daily.

Lets not forget about water and proper hydration.

Try drinking a gallon a day and you’ll be amazed how much your volume increases without taking arginine, lecithin, etc…


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I drink a ton of water as it is. And have very large loads as it is, I just want tremendous loads. I want more along the lines of 8-12 huge squirts.

I have taken arginine, in large doses, wasnt too crazy about it.

I took them peter north pills, didn’t shoot as good as peter north but I saw a very good increase.

My 9 inches are coming!!

Originally posted by WannaBeHung
I drink a ton of water as it is. And have very large loads as it is, I just want tremendous loads. I want more along the lines of 8-12 huge squirts.

Ha! This makes me think of a former and much-missed member named Moth. I swear that guy counted every squirt and kept a spreadsheet of squirts versus whatever variable he was interested in at the time.


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- damiana
- pygeum
- tribulus

Been on these a few days, and last night MONSTER load. Damn, squirt after squirt. Noticeably thicker and more creamy too.

What store did you get the pygeum and tribulus?

Im not to keen on buying from the internet though.

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I want to be able to supersquirt too without too many “chemicals” so to speak. But I think I’ll deal with that post PE.

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I drink at least two liters of water every day. It makes me pee more but not ejaculate more.

I am also water addicted. Tons every day.

Buy my supps from Vitamin Shoppe.

there is a drink called Odwalla dutch chocolate. Unfortunately there is some soy products in it, but it has lots of folic acid, zinc and chromium in it. Every time I drink it I have to rush home to jerk off. Good stuff!

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