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PE Pills - Homemade Stack Ideas?

PE Pills - Homemade Stack Ideas?

I’m looking for a good vasodilating/PE/EQ-increasing/”male enhacement” (I guess the term is “chemical PE.” I apologize, I’m still quite a newbie here) stack to supplement my exercise PE efforts. Now, I don’t want to buy any name brand ME products, for various reasons. I’m already big into Arginine, as part of the cum stack, and I’ve found it has some good vasodilating effects. But I’d also like to add other things and create a stack to even further supplement these ME effects. I’d like to create a penile enlargement stack. I’m guessing if I just made a homemade supplement stack, I could probably make something even more potent than commercial pills and for a fraction of the cost. Plus several bottles of raw supplements - each with various other, non-sexual benefits - is probably less suspicious than a blatantly labeled male enhancement bottle.

Any ideas? I’m looking over the chemical PE links thread but it’s a bit dense. I could use a bit of a helping hand on this topic.

PS: I can’t do injections. The RAs are running a tight shift on our hall and my ass would be grass if they found needles.

L-Arginine is a PE wonder-supplement!!

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Isn’t that the holy grail of PE that you’re onto? You’ll be a rich man if ever discover what and how such thing is concocted

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If only that were possible. Maybe with nanotech someday, but that’s besides the point. ;)

Seriously though, I was wondering what supplements or stacks are best to…..well, supplement a physical exercise PE routine. L-Arginine is a great start. I’m already getting better flaccid hang right off the bat, and it feels like the extra blood flow makes my jelqs feel more effective. Anything else out there that could further increase blood flow, or make the tissues heal more effectively post-PE routines.

I really am focused on vasodilation. I’m not in a position to stretch in any way other than ADS. Plus, as I see it, vasodilation is a good way to “stretch” from the inside.

L-Arginine is a PE wonder-supplement!!

Originally Posted by KissTheDers
if I just made a homemade supplement stack, I could probably make something even more potent than commercial pills and for a fraction of the cost.


Good luck on finding a secret ingredient or magic combination. And to much of a good thing is a bad thing. But buying bulk powders allows you to end up with sups for a year for the cost of a month of pills. Staying hydrated and eating healthy will do more for you than and herbs and spices you can buy. With L-Arginine you are already using the most common supp that guys take as an adjunct to PE.


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