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Maxoderm / Rolling Your Own Transdermal Penis Potion

Maxoderm / Rolling Your Own Transdermal Penis Potion

Anyone try using this stuff to help keep up a good jelq, or to stay pumped longer afterward by increasing blood flow.

It looks interesting. Too bad they are gauging the price, to take advantage of the desperate. Unfortunately this seems to be the rule with all penis related herbal concoctions.

You can “roll your own” penis pill for 1/5 of the cost, but I am not sure how easy it would be to concoct your own transdermal delivery system. I have some herbs in capsule form I could mix into some kind of moisturizer base, but I am not sure that I could get the herbs ground fine enough to absorb. Anyone try mixing your own penis lotion? Did you have any success increasing blood flow?

Mushroom --Luvdadus? Been thinking about this myself, but not recently.

A few months ago, I tried to add ground up some dietary Arginine tablets whose integrity I had ruined by letting moisture get into the container, and I tried to supplement the Vasoderm that I had by mixing the powdered tablets with the (already topically applied) Vasoderm. I didn’t notice anything unusual, so I shelved the idea because I didn’t have a plan for judging its success other than some extra firmness, which wasn’t manifest.

I did, however reconsider the idea after I bough some very inexpensive, powdered Ginkgo Biloba at a health food store. I haven’t tried anything yet because I have some doubts about transdermal delivery with the stuff I have in the form in which I have it.

I suppose that it’s the integration and refinement of ingredients, along with the transdermal delivery media that distinguish Vasoderm and Maxoderm from what I have in my medicine cabinet, but I’m not sure how to proceed. I have looked a bit on the web for anything useful about Vasoderm’s proprietary VEP compound, which is supposed to act as a delivery agent.

Mushroom, have you found anything about the problem of delivery since you posted? Herr Doktor Luvdadus?

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Convert to transdermal deliverable! Just found searching Thunder's on "transdermal".

I guess that, as usual, I ought to have looked before opening the yapper. I’m going to look around on the web with these nuggets of insight from “Rich Cashdollar”:

Andro gel (and its pitiful dosage of test) is less effective than 4 androdiol (whick can be made into a transdermal product with 151 or ethanol. the androgel patches are usually affixed to the scrotum. gh on the other hand looks promising if you can find an aids paitent or a juice dealer serono or saizen kits would be worth trying.

Anybody else followed up on his lead?

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Caution advised.

From the Maxoderm web site:

When a man becomes aroused, the central nervous system causes the release of several different chemicals, the two most significant being Nitric Oxide and Vasoactive Polypeptide.

Once these chemicals are released, the oxygen in the blood allows the smooth muscle to relax. This process allows blood to flow and fill in the open spaces of the Corpora Cavernosa, the two main chambers that make up penis size.

Nitric Oxide is responsible for carrying oxygen through the blood. Science tells us that the more Nitric Oxide in the blood, the better the blood flow to the desired area will be.

Sounds real scientific, but some of it is nonsense. I wouldn’t trust these people even if they were selling bottled water.

Experience leads me to believe that this product can do what it says...


Because I’ve used Vasoderm for (what I’m now calling) erection sessions [new acronym ES], I’ve seen that this type of thing can work noticeably, and I’m not so cynical.

Why you no trusty?

I guess I like to see web sites that have good science to back up their claims. There are so many frauds out there trying to rip people off. The quote I posted includes two statements (in bold type) that are absolutely false. If this company had any actual science behind their product and were sincere in their claims, don’t you think the information on their site would be more accurate?

I don’t trust the company either. I was just wondering if anyone had tried any kind of lotion or cream with similar ingredients on their penis. Any time a company markets a product specifically for the penis they always mark up the price at least 5X. In case of Maxoderm, they seem to have marked it up even higher. I just found a product from Source Naturals which has similar ingredients to Maxoderm (gingko and ginseng) + a 15% concentration of MSM. It is also WAY cheaper due to the fact that it’s not marketed as a penis cream.

I just posted about it here:

- MSM, Vitamin E, Gingko, and Ginseng Cream for cheap!

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I have actually thought of making my own penis growth cream. My plan was to apply it to my member before going into pump, then just letting the nutrients be absorbed while being engorged in the tube. As for ingredients, I was going to use healing agents(vit E, aminos, aloe vera), herbal pe aids (ginko, yohimbe etc.), and andro’s (dhea, androstene, 5-alpha dht etc.) I was most interested in the 5-alpha, a dht derivative that is supposed to be 4 - 5 times more androgenic than testosterone. I have read that dht stimulates penis growth, and have seen a ton of information and testimonials about topical testosterone aiding penis growth. I will check into this some more and let you all know about it.

I’ve considered doing that myself. My only concern is that I wouldn’t be able to powder the herbs fine enough for absorption. I was going to see if I could find some of the key herbs in tincture form (liquid form you take as drop under the tongue). But now that I’ve found a cheap premixed cream that looks pretty good, I don’t think I’ll bother.

The wallgreens by my house is going out of business and selling everything 80% off. I went in to browse and saw they had maxoderm for $8.00 so I bought some. I have only applied it twice so far, but it seems to give me a really hard boner, good blood-flow, hang longer when flaccid. I haven’t measured yet after using it though. It also gave me frequent erections and erotic dreams. I think it will be a good tool for before I jelq or clamp

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