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Liquid Tadalafil

Liquid Tadalafil

Sorry for the repost but I haven’t received an answer for about a week now so I believe my original answer to a post (containing my question) will perish.

Haven’t posted “for a while” but I’m more than happy that my account is still active. Thunders community was always an inspiration to me and I’m certain that when I find the time again to do some PE I will actively return.

Now, I’m looking for some liquid tadalafil. I’ve tried powder and liquid in the past and I prefer liquid.

My last purchase, around three years ago, was from iron dragon. Very high quality product. I still have some left from it but I think it’s lost its power. Was good until past summer. I live in Europe so back then ordering with my credit card was super easy. They now accept only bank transfer and “e-check”. I tried to reach them through email twice to arrange things with them in order to place an order but with no luck. They didn’t even bother to answer.

Anyone has any idea where to get high quality liquid tadalafil, preferably in Europe but anywhere in the world will do.

I know I can rely on Thunder’s community for a solid answer.

P.S. I really am very happy to see this site / community staying strong and growing after all these years.

Purchase Peptides has worked great for me. And often have discount deals going on. But they’re in USA

Growing is Good, and feels good.

Originally Posted by Andy77
Purchase Peptides has worked great for me. And often have discount deals going on. But they’re in USA

Just visited their site.
$50 Tadalafil, $70 Shipping. LOL

P.S. Have you tried the Sildenafil 50mg / Tadalafil 30mg ML Combo x 30ML. Sounds promising / dangerous!

I paid $43 total for two bottles of 30mg ML bottles, over a year ago. They had 2 for 1 sales often, and other promotions now. I have not tried the combo. I use a very small dose of the Tadalafil (.15 ml) and am wary of side effects.

Growing is Good, and feels good.

There is a sticky thread in this folder where we are discussing where to buy it. You might want to check that out.

What Are The Risks From Online Peptide Suppliers

I am a newbie to posting on here so apologies in advance if I am posting in the wrong place or in the wrong manner.

I recently purchased some liquid tadalafil peptide from one of the better-reviewed suppliers. It works as expected so I have no complaint about their reliability. I know they have to state that their product is “Not for Human Consumption”. I emailed them to find out what they use for their solvent solution and they replied:

“The solvent we use is a Glycol / Ethanol solution in various ratios for our products as these are far superior for suspending and mixing the chemicals. “

Is there any risk that their solvent solution uses ethylene glycol (anti-freeze), which as we know is poisioness instead of propylene glycol?

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