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Liquid Tadalafil from kitsnmore

Liquid Tadalafil from kitsnmore

Has anyone been measuring their liquid c/Tadalafil from

I measured out 10mg from a newly opened 20ml vial into an old 10ml vial so I could add 5ml of Everclear 151proof liquor to make a 1ml = 20mg dose.

The remaining liquid was almost 15ml! And the other 20ml vial is the same size. Between the two vials I’ll have an additional 8-10mls! Thats good!

I just looked at the kitsnmore site and they are having a two for one sale. That’s good too!

I have ordered from them twice and both times they overfilled my vials by just a bit.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

The liquid tadalafil has become truly my ED medication of choice. Want to order again?? but what I have now will last me a good 3-4 months! Not to mention the 120ct. 100mg sildenafil which I seldom ever use anymore!

I want to order the raw powder and make a suspenion with it using Everclear but just don’t need it….hate to pass up on a good deal!

Yes, I love the liquid cialis also, I don’t use sildenafil any longer. I wish I had the dough to get 10 grams of the powder.

They have always had the 2 for 1 special to the best of my knowledge, gprent.

Wouldn´t Everclear burn like hell in the mouth and will the alcohol not partly counteract the effects of the Tadalafil? At least in my experience alc and ED medication doesn´t go well together.

Yes, the two for one on liquids deal has been a long standing norm for them, at least the entire time I’ve been ordering from them.

If they came down on the powder a bit, I’d just have to purchase some. 10grams for $199.99 total is just a little to much to put out right now. That would make ALOT of 20mg caps or liquid suspension!!!

Webslave: Thanks for all the information on your homepage. Age happens unfortuanately. I appreciate your search for the best prices and potency of cialis/tadalafil. I have just started on the Kitsnmore liquid. 20 mg of Eli Lilly for me every three days is the gold standard. None of the generics I have tried have been the potency of the Lilly stuff but I have a case of mild age related e.d. and have just turned sixty.

I wonder if in all your web activity, you have learned of a place that can evaluate the potency of our generics. There is a compounding pharmacy in our town run by a guy older than me. He and I discussed age and its effects. Maybe he can do it… Do you have any guidance? I am willing to spend the money to have the generics evaluated. At my point in life, I need all the gusto I can get. I am into weight training, cardio, proper diet, etc big time but that has little effect on erectile health given my years. Anybody out there with an answer to my question? Thanks

Yes, age is a major factor in ED. I’m almost 53 with noticable nerve damage contributed through alcoholism for many years.

I have never taken the Lily Cialis, just generic cialis and it wasn’t as potent as the liquid tadalafil. There are many here that swear by the liquid tadalafil from kitsnmore, not just myself. As potent as the real thing…??? I have noticed it takes a dose or two to really get into my system.

I’m going to check into the evaluating procedure for cialis. Maybe its a fairly simple test?? I know I have tried various generic viagra and the potentcy was varible.

Schabernack the using of alcohol as a suspension medium? I’ll check into it, as I certainly don’t want to compromise the potentcy of the Tadalafil.

And I can’t find nothing really on how to evaluate the potentcy of generic Cialis????

I bought 1 bottle of liquid C and got 1 free in 2005 from Kitsnmore.

The powder in the bottom of the 2 bottles were nowhere near the same level.

What is the liquid that the Tadalafil powder is suspended in?

I love to take the liquid C occasionally but I suffer when I do with acid reflux and facial flushing, sometimes a headache.

Thats what happens to me when I take viagra/sildenafil Bluenun! I seldom ever take it now.

Not sure what they use to make the liquid t, a biostatic solution probably.

How do I take the liquid Tadalafil anyway? Just syringe out 1 ml and squirt it in my mouth?

Originally Posted by gprent
How do I take the liquid Tadalafil anyway? Just syringe out 1 ml and squirt it in my mouth?

Yes, but shake it damn good first. Try .5 ml first.

Originally Posted by Mr. Nine
Yes, but shake it damn good first. Try .5 ml first.

OK, thanks. So .5 ml equals a 10 mg dose? I just made my first liquid T order, so I am new at the liquid game.

And I know the storage issue was addressed before. Did you guys end up storing it in the fridge or just at room temp?

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