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l-arginine and height

l-arginine and height

I was wondering if l-arginine would do anything to your current height. I’ve read that it is somewhat of a growth hormone releaser. I’m already 6’2 and would like to keep it that way. Would we be talking about taking tons of l-arginine a day to have any effect on height(as oppose to 1000-2000mg) instead of just having an effect on bloodflow to the genitals? Thanks.

I guess it would do with how old you rae and whrther your bone plates have fused or stopped working. I am no scientist but think my argument seems logical. If your 25 or older, I think it would not effect height.

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The epiphysis, or growing area, of long bones usually closes by age 16 or so. An increase in circulating growth hormone (gh) would have no effect on these bones and an increase in height would be very unlikely. Normal serum levels of growth hormone is 3-5 ng/ml. People with acromegaly (a disease characterized by abnormal growth of soft tissues due to increased gh caused by a pituitary tumor) have levels around 10 ng/ml for long periods of time. You’d have to take a very, very large dose of l-arginine to raise your hg level to 6 ng/ml and it wouldn’t last long enough to make much difference.

You might want to read this.

If you’re concerned with a reduction in your height, that seems to normally occur as we age and is generally due to a shortening of the spine. I guess good posture and an attention to your overall body condition may help, but you probably won’t have to worry about that for quite some time.

I believe westla is right. I’ve been taking growth hormone stimulators of one kind or another for 8 years now (since I was 22), with only a few breaks. I was 6’2” at 14 years old and am still only 6’2” at 30 years old.

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