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L-arginine and exercising


For Growth Hormone release, it is recommended you take from 6 to 30 Grams of L-arginine per day (start out low, and increase gradually). Always on an empty stomach (1 hour before you eat, or 3 hours after). I take 3 grams at bed and 3 grams when I wake up. You could split it into three doses, but since I eat many small meals throughout the day rather than three big ones, I find it hard to meet the empty stomach requirement during the day. There are some cautions for these high doses. See…indications.htm for a good list of them. Growth Hormone is what you what being produced if you want to build muscle mass, and I’m guessing it would also affect penis enlargement efforts as well. I’ve only been taking it for a few weeks, so I’ll let you know in a year how that works out. It has increased flaccid size and “hang” for me. And “warms” your penis throughout the day - a very nice, healthy feeling. I associate it with increased blood flow to the area. And it does bring on morning erections (from ‘Clinical Benefits of L-Arginine in Achieving Maximum Sexual Performance’: “World-class athletes and professional bodybuilders take 10-15 grams of L-arginine at bedtime in a low glycemic base with appropriate cofactors (a). They report that their erections are frequently so strong upon arising; they are required to bend over to urinate.” you can read the whole article at If you take 6 grams before sex (3 grams an hour before, the other 3 grams a half hour before) it will definitely boost your erection - or at least it does mine. Much firmer, and even a little larger (at least that’s what my partner thought - without knowing I had taken anything). I have tried many herbal/vitamin/mineral type supplements, and almost without exception, results are very subtle and manifest themselves only after several weeks or months of use. L-arginine and Muira puama are the only two that I’ve ever noticed immediate results with. And both “feel” healthy, they’re good results. To take 6 grams of L-a a day can be expensive, especially in pill form, so I use powder. Much more economical. I got 1 pound for $25.00 from That will give you 75 six gram servings. You can reduce the amount of L-a if you combine it with L-ornithine, which is the recommended way to take L-a. L-o “enhances” L-a’s effectiveness. Half the dosage of L-o equals the full dosage of L-a (1 g L-o = 2g L-a). And the ratio of L-o to L-a is usually 1:2 (250mg L-o with 500 mg L-a), so to get the equivalent of 6 grams of straight L-a, you would take a combination of 3 grams L-a + 1.5 grams L-o. Make sense? I got some L-ornithine powder from, 100 grams for $15.00. That gives you 66 1.5 gram servings. If I had to take only one supplement for PE and better sex in general, I would choose L-arginine (actually a combination of L-a and L-o, but you get the idea). It really makes a noticeable, immediate difference. One thing, taking L-a in powder form in water tastes really bad. Mix it with L-o and it will make you gag. It tastes terrible. I mix it with orange juice instead - way better taste. And they recommend using water or juice, so go with juice.


A most excellent post and thanks for the references. My arginine intake is going to go up.



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

yes, that sounds right
I have heard l-orn potentiates the l-arg effect, but has some side effects.

I had said earlier that l-orn might give that lightheadedness, but on second thought, with l-arg affecting the NO levels in your blood (vasodilation), your blood pressure will decrease, therefore giving the effect of lightheadedness upon waking up in the morning.

It is probably not the l-orn making you lightheaded.

Do you have low blood pressure to begin with or are you hypoglycemic?

I’ve recently started using L-arginine powder as well. And I agree that adding it to orange juice is the best way to get it down.

I haven’t seen much mention on yohimbe or yohimbine, but I started using that as well. I’ve experienced a couple of side effects, like it’s impossible to sleep for several hours after taking it, so I always take it in the morning now and sometimes it makes me really hungry, but I’ve started getting erections int he middle of the day like I used to when I was in high school.

I’d be interested in hearing anyone else’s experiences with yohimbe. I probably need to check to see if there are already some postings on it.


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