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Human Relaxin 2 Injections


Human Relaxin 2 Injections

Last night I successfully attempted my first Human Relaxin 2 shots. I took 125mcg, which is well below some of the recommendations I have read. 50-10mcg per kg of body weight. There are some lesser recommendations but so I just went low my first time. So I had already taken a 5.5mcg injection of PGE-1 and it was working well. {I missed tonight and my injection needle bent so I didnt deliver deep and it burns, hate when that happens}. Anyway I digress… I has a rubber ring on and was pumping, then just before I started to pump so after put on my new PENIMASTER extender I took my 125mcg of HR2. I didnt know if it would burn or what, but I expected it not based on what I had read. But I was apprehensive anyway about doing something new. The PGE-1 was starting to ware off so it was time to use the extender after pumping. I felt no pain from the shot, got into the bath and started to water pump. I have a pump with a meter on it and I was at between 105 and 200 for 15 minutes and all went well, after I got out and put on my new PeniMaster. It was crazy to figure out with out reading the manual, and it was still odd to use my PENIMASTER. I finally got it to work, and I had to shift to a larger diaphram on the unit because the one it comes with was too small. Anyway it works and it does so better then a phallosan which I also have. You have to cut the nozzle off then pump the air out of the bulb put it on the unit and screw the thing to unleash the vaccume. You have to have your glans right on the hole and it sucks you in. The feeling is actually good, feels like a tight butt hole lol, I actually got hard lol. Its still worked. I am not to sure about it yet because when I take my glans out its white and discolored and stuff, and when I touch it it turns white then quick fills back it with red blood. Anyway the Relaxin did make me feel more relaxed, I thought I was high it the bathtub. Not sure if it was subjective or not. But anyway it seemed to go well, no pain from the HR2. But boy I have a bit of pain tonight by having missed my shot! Now my PGE-1 is pooled under my skin and not deep in my tunica. It burns more like this… Lots more and its a waste tooo!!! No effects and it cost 5.5mcg, pure loss… Well maybe not, if it breaks some links under the skin in my collagen. But thats a heavy way to go burn wise…

BTW I was going to try my IGF-2 tonight, but alas this pain may push it off until tomorrow… We shall see..

BTW, I also have 10 PRP kits I am going to be experimenting with. I even have new applicator to activate the platelets. Now I just need a kit to draw blood! I need 13cc’s, 12 blood and 1cc anticoagulant. So I am almost there on this front too. Even if you dont get much growth it really is super good for penis health and rejuvination. I think PGE-1 may help block certain platelets which may help the same way verapamil does by blocking certain fibroblasts, not sure. But it didnt hurt the 2 other times I have done it with the doctor. I did a PRP shot for my wifes boobs but ran out before I could try me again. Now I have some more, but need blood draw supplies. Darn! Any until I get my hand on that PRP will have to wait.

Unit then my HR2 and IGF-2 experiments continue. I also have some PGCL and want some DMSO, but I understand it will act transdermally in its own right and is 1000’s of time stronger or something like that then PGF2a, which is in the patent.

PGF2a plus PGE-1 or PGE-2 [not both] synergize each other, and PGF2a plus IGF-1 is supposed to synergize. Now my understanding is IGF-2 is like IGF-1 but more potent in effect and broader in scope as well. My thought is PGF2a plus PGE\1GF-2 may synergize. I may try the PGCL, IGF-2 and PGE-1 combo. I also have potential access to PGE-2, which I understand burns injected so I may make a transdermal with it and PGF2a.

Anyway I may reinject PGE-1 again tonight and go for the IGF-2. I get nervous on first voyages… LOL

Wish me luck. I will report my experience later.


Meant to put this in the Chem PE section, sorry…

I’m really interested to see how your experiments with relaxin 2 goes.

Can you give some info here on your experience with PE to date, what your stats were before you started PE and what they are now.

Originally Posted by inuic

Meant to put this in the Chem PE section, sorry…

So there will be no pics here?

In Dr. Adams original patent he stated the dose of Intra cavernosal or deep injection (below the dermis) was up to 1 mcg per kg of body-weight. For me this would be 80 mcg. I’m just curious where you got the recommendations that the dose should be higher than what you are already taking?

Can you check your messages Inuic, I’ve PMed you.

Been out of it for a bit…

I ran out of PGE-1 for a while… Then my supplier was on vacation, then my shipment got lost for weeks, had to finally have it resent. It took forever and a day, but I am back on track now. I will probably post in the Chem PE section…


P.S. I should have taken pictures. I do have older pictures, and could take new ones. More in the Chem PE section.

Originally Posted by inuic
Been out of it for a bit…

I ran out of PGE-1 for a while… Then my supplier was on vacation, then my shipment got lost for weeks, had to finally have it resent. It took forever and a day, but I am back on track now. I will probably post in the Chem PE section…


P.S. I should have taken pictures. I do have older pictures, and could take new ones. More in the Chem PE section.

What exactly are you trying to achieve with the injections?

Inuic, good to see you back. Really glad you didn’t vanish. It’s strangely all too common for people giving this sort of thing a try to just randomly disappear. Interested to see what you’re trying at the moment.

Electro Therapy


I have been crazy busy with life. My son got diabetes and its a heavy load of learning and mastery involved to get it right. So that has taken the last several weeks of my time. But he is well more important then my efforts in PE.

Anyway I had run out of PGE=1 and finally got it back!

Now I am running PGE-1 and Relaxin-2, IGF-2 and IGF-1. I also am trying growth factor rich lotion to see how it works.

I have some PGF2a on the way soon to add to my mix…

Also using some DHT gel on the surface…

Finally got my Electro Device for Cock expansion. Supposed to increase androgen receptors. Its pretty crazy feeling. Like tens but in your unit! It can get scary when it jolts, but some mode feel good some annoy it depends I guess.

I did it while I was up on PGE-1… Cut the 4 ring to find my girth and turned it on for 15min. I am worried it may leave a burn or something if contact is bad or less then perfect.

I also use a cock ring while on subhard PGE-1 dose then I also put on my penimaster with the ring on while I am plump…. Think of a garden hose with no water in it… stretch it what happens, the path narrows in the tubeway. Now do the same stretch while water is in the tubeway of the hose. It will not work as easy, it will take more force and it will stretch the hose more if you stretched it to the same length you did with just air in the tubeway. The lining of the hose might even balloon out or pop because the surface area of the tubway is stretch more when filled more with liquid.

Anyway while I electrified my unit it pulsed my PC muscle and made the PGE-1 BURN LESS!!! That alone is worth the use of the thing… It even has a numb mode LOL. When my burn gets to bad I try the electro method on my unit to ease the PGE-1 pain. Then I smear DHT gel after hoping my androgen receptors are up regulated a hair…


P.S. Got me some PRP kits too! just need some good anticoagulant for when I centrifuge… It takes a lot of courage to bust out PRP shots on yourself but I did it once I can do it again… And all kinds of supplies.

Inhibiting myostatin expression


Forgot to mention I have in my fridge 2 types of “myostatin inhibitors” “FOLLISTATIN 344 and ACE-031” along with some TB4 I have as well. I also have some oxytocin to put in the mix….

Why? To kick start or hasten natural processes, to take advantage of the receptor sites and the functions they avail to my tissues in the aiding my mechanical force applications, like stretches and balloon methods. To use nature to optimize my process. To influence or impact the process in the direction I want to go, even if ever so slightly.

Next I plan to get a scrip for some verapamil, found a place that can make it in gel or creme form so I can apply it to my skin. This is where in the patent he was able to go past when gains would stop after just going PGE-1 and so forth.

I now where my penimaster nearly all day everyday with breaks every 3 or 4 hours for like an hour. I even sleep with it on.

One thing I do is put on my o ring after PGE-1 and get the plumps not a super hard then put on the o ring then inject the goodies to trap it more so in my veins while the PGE-1 is in effect and I manually trap blood and it plumps well up for girth work simultaneously. Then with the goodies trapped as good as I can get I put my Penimaster on and it really traps blood from my base to the base of my glans, so my whole shaft is super pumped. I do this when I just want to stretch or when I take a full dose of PGE-1 I do this process but with one major difference. before the penimaster I pump with water pump in the bath to get super super pumped on the PGE-1. Know that I have the oring on in my water pump. I do this for 15 min at time for safety. my o ring as release grips to extend the oring and let blood flow when if need be. It gets pretty intense I go past 200 sometimes on my meter for the water pump. Then after like 15 in the hot bath doing this I come out and apply the penimaster. All my goodies trapped in my super pumped up unit getting stretched all at the same time. I call it my master mix up… I like to synergize effects.

Anyway I plan to man up and take a load of the FOLLISTATIN 344 to my unit and pin myself… Just need to get an idea of dosage first lol… Not sure if dose was mentioned in the patent that hits on this process.


How about a link to this electro therapy device of yours ?

On Human Relaxin-2 usage…


This stuff is relaxing to be sure, it will make you sleepy too. It has distinctly noticed effects. Its supposed to be close in structure to insulin. And when I take it I get hungry right away, for sweets like cereal like frosted flakes or cheese or something. Then I get super relaxed like I just want to chill and stuff. When you take it you will know. IGF-1 or IGF-2 don’t do this. Oxytocin is the only other one I mention that has distinct effects like Relaxin. Oxytocin can make you flush and warm its very distinct. The others really are not, except perhaps TB4, I do tend to notice some kind of effect mentally from it but its very subtle, but the physical effects of TB4 are a lot like PRP. The way it makes your skin, I take the whole 10mg in 1 shot to the unit when I do it… I only do it every so often for good measure, it really seems to soften the tissue up and makes it more stretchy and stretchable.

Anyway the Relaxin is relaxing… and seems to be similar to like if you take insulin in that it can make you crave food\sugar…



Hello inuic,

You are certainly blazing new trails. Congratulations on your efforts. I am enjoying all of your postings, and hope that you keep on posting about your efforts.


Thanks Stagestop…

One thing that set me down this trail is I hate Jelq’s… I just dont like the process. I prefer the concept of CREEP. Like my neck, I have a slow version of whip blash… I more or less have the same kind of injury in my neck you get from that quick type of injury but got it far more slowly. Creep also works in other ways like with teeth and braces. I like to use creep with my penimaster and aid with all the biochems and growth factors along the natural healing cascade. The key is understanding that process. I think of Jelq’s as like whip blash [misspelled I know], it works to the same end and is a faster more concentrated effort. I Just believe based on my survey of the evidence that creep can do this too over time. I prefer that.

But in the end the proof is in the pudding…

I started out 4.85 in Girth and just over 7 in length… I could touch by index and middle finger with ease to my thumb when I would grip

Now I am 5.25+ in girth and a hair or so under 8 (~7.8) inches in length… Now my index finger and thumb do not touch and have noticed distance between them, and when super pumped my middle finder and thumb just barely start not to touch, a new milieu for me.

So for less then 2 years of interest and really less the 1 year total effort [broken out into sections of doing some not doing] in the last 2 years that’s really all I have to show for it so far… In the end my wife notices and enjoys the fruits of my efforts and that’s whats in it for me anyway… Plus the adventure of discovery of course…



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